What’s new in 2020?

(lang=en) 21 February 2020:
Bug fixes in utf8mixd and utftools.

(lang=ia) Le 16 de februario 2020:
Material additional
pro le Thesauro del Lingua International, extrahite ex le Dictionario francese-interlingua de Piet Cleij.
Le software es hic e hic. Le resultatos preliminar es hic.

(lang=nl) 13 februari 2020:
Een bijzondere zwemslag

(lang=ia) Le 11–13 de februario 2020:
Natation particular

(lang=en) 7 February 2020:

(lang=nl) 23 januari 2020:
Overzag (2)

(lang=ia) Le 15–18 de januario 2020:
Dictionario francese-interlingua de Piet Cleij

(lang=ia) Le 14 de januario 2020:
Dictionario francese-interlingua, Piet Cleij

(Site existed long before that, but no records were kept of additions.)

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