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(lang=en) 20 and 21 March 2023:
Linux on HP

(lang=ia) Le 13, 16 e 17 de martio 2023
Dece annos passate

(lang=nl) Idee 23 januari 2013 en 18 juni 2014, tekst 3 maart 2023

(lang=nl) 27 februari 2023:
Linkse fusie met twee ronden

(lang=ia) Le 22–24 de februario 2023
Calor contente

(lang=en) 20 February 2023:

(lang=ia) Le 17 de februario 2023
Le compulsator ora anque permitte cercar le dictionario svedese-interlingua de Pian Boalt.

(lang=nl) 15 februari 2023
Door elkaar

(lang=nl) 15 februari 2023
Namen op é

(lang=ia) Le 8–14 de februario 2023

(lang=ia) Le 13 de februario 2023
Le compulsator ora anque permitte cercar le supplemento al IED de Carlos Soreto.

(lang=en) 7–10 February 2023:
Flashing screen

(lang=ia) Le 25 de decembre 2022 usque le 13 de januario 2023
Parolas familiar in anglese ancian

(lang=ia) Le 30 de decembre 2022 e le 4 de januario 2023
Tres additiones a un pagina de 2020: super enthusiasme, geestdrift, e parasito.

(lang=ia) Le 4 de januario 2023
Trapezio pro laicos

(lang=nl) 31 december 2022 en 3 januari 2023

(lang=en) 2 January 2023
The demonstration pages of the Georgian and Javanese scripts now use Noto Sans fonts I host on my own website. So the pages should look the same everywhere, regardless of which system is used, whether Linux, Windows, Mac, or Android.

(lang=en) 31 December 2022 until 2 January 2023
I changed my mind again on what fonts to use for the site. After last year’s reforms (see 12, 15, and 24 December 2022) the remaining problem was that Charis SIL and IFAO’s Greek font don’t match well: Charis is rather bold, which I like, but the Greek font is too thin in comparison.
So I replaced both by SIL’s Gentium Book Plus (not to be confused with Gentium Plus, which is thinner in appearance). Gentium Book Plus supports a wide range of Latin characters, including IPA phonetic symbols, Cyrillic, and Greek including the special characters I use for Interlingua.
The only thing I don’t like about Gentium is that its capital letters are quite low.

(Site existed long before that, but no records were kept of additions.)

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