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(lang=en) 16 november 2005:
Hosting two more.

Update 12 January 2012: The site Sjiesjiek.com is no longer hosted on my web server (a VPS provided by Verio in Germany), but as a Wordpress blog hosted by Wordpress.com. That makes website maintenance easier, due to Wordpress’s built-in CMS.

(lang=en) 21 september 2005:
Helped build a

Update November 2009: The above domain no longer exists, but see this webshop, running since 2006, which seems much better that old site. It is only fair to mention that I wasn't involved in setting up that new one!

(lang=en) 21 September 2005:
Have been hosting
another one for some time now: Webshop ‘allesvoordesalon.com’.

Update 8 December 2011: This website too is no longer hosted on my web server. The new webshop was implemented by iPublications, who can offer tight integration with financial systems by Afas.
This is the new site’s sitemap.

(lang=nl) 25 mei 2005
Toch tegen de Europese grondwet?

(lang=nl) 24 mei 2005
BvD, Marijnissen, teleurstelling.

(lang=nl) 18-22 mei 2005
Tegen de tegenargumenten tegen de Europese Grondwet.

(lang=en) 19 April 2005:

(lang=en,nl) 10 de Abril de 2005:
Aldina Duarte.

(lang=en) 26 de Março de 2005:
Lovely old books photographed page by page.
10 de Abril de 2008: now in separate file.

(lang=en) 24 de Março de 2005:
Galician sound links.

(lang=en) 10 de Março de 2005:
Update Rádio Alfa.