I’m not mad, I’m a philosopher

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Below are some deeply philosophical, almost Zen-like thoughts, which have apparently sprung from my mind. That is, Google Translate came up with them when asked to translate some of my work, written in ia‑Grek, Interlingua in Greek script.

A human Greek-to-English translator, when confronted with texts like the ones I made my C program generate from real, serious texts I have written in ia‑Latn (source references are here), would say “Sorry, this is not Greek, I cannot translate this.” But Google Translate doesn’t. This now deeply learning system does not refuse the text, but ‘thinks’:

Well, OK, it is not Greek, because the words are not Greek and neither is the grammar, and even the script isn’t really Greek because it contains some weird sequences that couldn’t possibly ever occur in any real Greek text from any period. But hey, some words remotely resemble existing Greek words, when applying fuzzy matching, so with those, I might at least TRY to translate this text anyway. Why not?

Below are examples of what this attitude leads to. Of course, this is hilarious and not to be taken seriously, and what I am doing is not fair: I am feeding GT a text in a language it doesn’t support (Interlingua), in a script that language isn’t normally written in, while nearly the only language that does use that script is Greek. And I have converted that text using a conversion schedule that didn’t exist until I invented it a week or so ago.

Yet, on a serious note, this experiment does show that machine translation systems, especially modern ones that rely on pattern recognition and deep learning, often do not notice obvious mistakes and nonsense, but happily continue to translate, with resulting texts that may not have a humanly traceable, logical connexion with the intended error-free original.

That means that if machine translation of this kind is ever used for serious translation work, the translations MUST always be thoroughly checked by a competent human translator, who knows not only the target language but also the source language. Such an editor must work with a high level of concentration, because much of the translated text does seem to make sense, and often even accurately renders the meaning of the original in the other language. But where it doesn’t, that is not immediately obvious, because the system is able to translate apparent sense into blatant nonsense. (You may read that in a way that I didn’t intend, but it doesn’t matter, because that too is true.)

Now for the examples.

Here we are 01

There is only one salmon, but one that is still in the sea, and it is true that it is not for ever. 02

When the 16th and the 17th Anniversary of the retrospective of the tournament were played, the same day, the same day and the same day, the same day. Slimming with the intrusion. Escape, with great, Basi, Varok, Saopin, Fial. Ventostomy is also included with predominantly polysaccharides, the common faint beetle can be found: Oyster Muscle, muscled gooseberry. 03

There is also a bizzapi, but you can also get mentions. 04

An opera house with an open-label opera- tory is intimate and intimate. They wounded around the air, and you missed and walked over; The preferential server? 05

Once the inks have been inserted, the blade is not in place, it has been opened, it has been inserted, it has been opened with a flame retarder. It's time. Let go go. Instead, we have been sent to our galleys for an extraordinary expedition. 06

Asian, leftist, bourgeois, even in the middle of the day, you have to go to the city. Do not let it go, but you do not want it. If you wish, you will only be able to join with you, but you will not be able to do so, but you will not be able to do so.

You have not only been able to translate this message, but you have been transposed, and you have not received it. When you have that for this.

See also the following table below, which is a cross-referencing. However, in 1956, in the United States, the United States of America (in 1957), it is also important to note that there has been a significant increase in the number of transporters and traders in the area, and in the case of inter- .

Something you've got to know, go ahead. Yep first havas. You have to take a seat on a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station, a train station , you will be able to get the most out of it, give it to you, give you a break. Along with the coach, you are in a leap-to-ship, you can stay in the open for a week. 07


If there were other children, there was a stranger on the side of the rocks that was sitting in front of you, while you were still in love. Anything else. And there was a whaling in the land of Nepal, and he had not yet appointed a neanderthal in Sanaan, and of Stathus Yunite of Australia. 08

Have anymore binoculars with an extraterritoriality. They were copiers of politics, politics, and culture. You did not know whether you were going free. Tissue fibrinolypins are inactive. The Middle Ages has always been in the forefront of the politics of Typhania, as you have been making a press, everyday politics, in a more ambitious way. 09

Let me say a few, I say to you, and you do not know what you are saying, you are a liberal loose salmon. Asymmetry in the wind. Estimated returnees, an official admission fee. 10


Terminations are interrupted with an equivrill, so be sure to interfere with the subject. Census in the limes he said. 11

Only salmon juices can be used in standard recipes. Websites are active: Alternate servers are available in high precision. Lesser than now, it has been said to be so exquisitely. Please make sure you have all the information. 12

Serres notice any intercessions in the hotspots. You have always been very honest. In addition, it has been used as a solubilizer, as a lubricant. 13

Tables in a variety of formats, including one another. It is not true that you are not interested in the arts. Names of people who are not in the same language. You have not provided additional services. Le Porto de Rotterdam does not have a business meeting. 14

Nosta importaancia has been involved in accounting, and it has been established as a whole. The Iteman accepts Pearls of the Alliance. Be sure to use the grill beforehand, and do not use other grills or grills in the windscreens. Work you can only eat. Basically. 15


Some more hallucinating lunacy in Google Translate’s ‘translation’ of a ‘Greek’ version of an earlier article of mine in Interlingua.

The abbey of the blessed bearer of the orthodox has been given a witness with a divine bosom. You are only coming up, all day. If you are not in a position to do so, you will not be able to do so.

Protect the spinal cord from the spinal cord or from the sprays or from the tissues; Explanation of the wounded fibers. It is the most important thing to do, but it does not matter whether or not it is based on any of the above mentioned terminals. As a matter of fact, in the middle of a week, we have only a few moments.

Excessive bumps If you inseminate only in the middle of the weekend.

If you do not have an in-depth job, you will be able to get 60 seconds of birthday, and you will not be able to spend any time or money on your holidays, as well as on other occasions, incoming mailboxes. They have sex with the sexes, but they have sex with the same measure of the diameters, and they have not gone anywhere.

Take care of the rotors, rotate all the way, fill in the serial numbers of the rods, and trim them to a flat terracotta brush.

Do you live alone in a lively love letter? Do you plant orbitals in the form of granite rotations?

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When you upload your data to other sites, you will be able to work on a more detailed schedule.

You have been hired by the Prime Minister of the United States, the Lithuanian Governor of the Duchy of Luxembourg, Grayte Emergete and Laurence Oswes.

As introverted as he did not finish the leftism in the course of time, Erik Hurlinge was in the mood of lightning and lightning, as well as the Einstein.

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