Evaluating Positive Money proposals

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In the Netherlands an initiative was launched to collect enough expressions of support in order to force Dutch parliament to put the subject of money creation by private banks on the agenda. This citizens’ initiative proved successful: the minimum number of signatures was amply surpassed in just a few weeks.

I wrote three articles about it, or rather against it. Those articles are in Dutch with no English translations imminent.

I based my comments solely on the Dutch petition text and the introduction to it on that same page. Later on, I found that much of the wordings rather closely follow those in the proposals of the British campaigning organisation Positive Money.

It soon become clear that their proposals are much more elaborate than the Dutch petition text, and that they are clearly written by people who do have a thorough understanding of the matter at hand.

So it was only fair that I’d read and study those documents, and then reconsider my opinion. That’s because it was quite possible that from the brief Dutch petition text alone, I might have misunderstood the true intentions of those who want change. So then my strictures of the type “they just don’t understand” might in fact have been be due to an ‘I didn’t understand it myself’!

OK, so after that discovery, I read and re-read and ruminated and read again, taking my time to really understand and consider everything.

The result is I am now more nuanced, although in essence my opinion has not changed: I still think the proposals are largely impossible to implement, unnecessary and even harmful if ever implemented.

What I have read

What I intend to write

At this point (4 March 2015, 14:10) I expect and hope to be writing soon about the following sub-topics in connexion with Positive Money’s proposals:

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