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It turns out that the full name of Brega is Marsa el-Brega. In Arabic transliteration this is marsā al-burayqa(h), or  مرسى البريقة  in real Arabic script.

Vernacular Arabic

So how can Burayqa have become Brega?

This is not as strange as it seems.

Brega cannot be Arabic!

Barter trade means a seller has to find someone willing to buy his product, who can pay for that with something the first seller happens to need. A match must be made each time, in terms of quantities, value, moment of availability, moment of need.

Such matches are hard to make.

Representing all value?

So the total of the money in accounts in a country is like the water in an ocean: it flows to and fro with the rhythm of the tides. But there’s still as much water in the ocean.

Monthly salary tides

Soon the happy couple appeared in the door, looking like part of the cast for a commercial for cigarettes or drinks. He quickly slipped into the bathroom, with a mumble in response to their good morning. When he returned, breakfast was ready.

So he went – Chapter 1

The total amount of money in the economy need not be equal to the total value of all the tradable goods and services.

There must be enough money in circulation so it can properly perform its tasks. Enough money but not too much.

It should be up to politically independent central banks to control the money supply, to make it grow or shrink as needed.

Representing all value?

Then suddenly his glance fell on a sight so unlikely that he decided at once to believe it must be real, for he feared the disillusion of imagining a hallucination that proved to be real after all. On a concrete ledge outside one of the windows were two white swans on a straw nest. He walked towards the window and looked at them anxiously, through the unremovable glass shield. The swans, knowing they were safe, did not make their usual hissing sound, but quietly stared back at him, their heads close together. In spite of their apparent unity, they were different. One was a wild swan, with a yellow bill instead of orange, the other was a mute swan.

So he went – Chapter 1

One face he did remember, that of Zhusah, who merely by coincidence was walking here too. She deserved and got his special smile, for her nothing would be good enough, but he did not expect her to expect more than a smile, they were close enough for just two seconds, and quite customarily they both walked on to maybe not see each other for a long while.

So he went – Chapter 3

Flemish isn’t really a language, but rather a group of dialects spoken in the West of Belgium, e.g. in and around Ghent (nl: Gent), Bruges (nl: Brugge) and Kortrijk. Famous cities like Antwerp (nl: Antwerpen) and Brussels (nl: Brussel) however belong to a different dialect area, that of the Brabantish dialects. The Dutch province of North Brabant is also in that area. This maps shows the locations: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brabants).

Is Flemish a language?

So remember: money does not represent the value of something else, it has a value of its own. Money is claims of the public on banks (in accounts with non-central banks, and as banknotes which are claims on the central banks), plus coins, which are claims on the country’s treasury.

Representing all value?

Thin, low-tension metal strings are easiest for creating vibrato effects, either with the fingers, or on some electric guitars, using a special handle. Jimi Hendrix often tuned his guitar one semitone lower than normal, so the E string was E-flat. This may have been a habit origination from the early days of his career as a guitartist, when he often played in bands which also had wind instruments. They are easier to play in keys like E-flat, B-flat; on a normally tuned guitar, though, chords to such keys are difficult and more tiring.

How to tune a guitar

So in practice, if both situations actually occurred (they don’t in the eurozone, because A is prohibited), net interest costs of scenario C would probably be the same as those of scenario A. In this example: 3%.

Central bank funding government?

I wonder if this title is really a good choice. It is true that the Arabic word “fitna” ( فتن ) can mean “test”, “temptation”, “trial”, but it can also mean “charm”, “attractiveness”, “enticement”.

Is Fitna a good title for Wilders's film?

To the persons and companies that hold those banknotes, they are not debt, but claims, assets. Therefore they appear on the asset side, debit side, left side of their balance sheets.

Likewise, deposits in a non-central bank, that is, credit balances in bank accounts held by the public, are debt (liability) for the bank, and not debt for the account holder. For the account holder, they are assets, claims, financial belongings.

Money as debt? Money as claims!

Some Latin words with initial pl produced two Portuguese words, with related meanings; in one case even three:

Pranto and llanto, but not chanto

That’s simple, I thought, I just reverse the grep by means of the well-known reversal option -v, the one I also used above to exclude some file names from the search.

But it didn’t work. HTML files that I know had markings, appeared in the original list (correctly), but ALSO in the resulting list after adding -v. How could that happen?

Grep -v? No, -L!

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