Sabotage laws?

. Translated from a 2012 Dutch text, by the author himself, using suggestions by Google Translate.

Think again

When I recently reconsidered my proposal to make it easier to form governments, I feared that things would not go well in practice. The rules I suggested are:


But: the last rule of course must also apply to bills proposed from the House, also if it is by the opposition. In theory, therefore, changing alliances of opposition parties could always get laws passed (thanks to the support of the Empty Seats, agreed in advance and by definition), which thwart government policy.

That could lead to messiness and inconsistency that serves no purpose and helps nobody.

Not that bad

But in practice it won’t really be that bad, for the following reasons:


I therefore rate my own concerns as unfounded. The theoretical possibility of what might happen, is not a valid argument against the proposal.