Why that title?

16 March 2012


Why did I call my article what I called it, Rouille Veux l’Eauzou? I suppose nobody understands. Now a joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it, but keeping it a mystery for ever can be irritating too.

So I leave the choice to you as a reader. The explanation is below, but under a lot of spoiler separation lines.

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The title is pseudo-French. It’s not supposed to mean anything, although I later found out that rouille is actually an existing French word.

The idea is that if you pronounce Rouille Veux l’Eauzou as if it were French, what you get is a reasonable approximation of the right European Portuguese pronunciation of the musician’s name Rui Veloso, except that all the stresses are wrong, and the vowels in Veut and -zou are much too unreduced.

And that, incorrectly stressing Portuguese words, is exactly what Rui Veloso often does in his songs, which is what my article is about.

So the title is kind of self-evident in nicely summarizing the contents of the article. That’s why I thought of it, liked it and chose it.

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