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Play List: Some great pieces of music

Not complete yet, and not in any order of preference.

  1. John McLaughlin
  2. Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds), King Crimson

  3. Ela Me Deixou, Charlie Byrd

  4. Frédéric Chopin
  5. String Quartet No. 3 in C sharp minor, Bartók Béla

  6. Violin Concerto, Aram Khachaturian

  7. Sour Times, Portishead, from CD "Dummy".

  8. Firestarter, the Prodigy, from "The Fat of the Land"

  9. Yes, Fragile
  10. Hommage a ma mère, by Manitas de Plata

    ((From here on raw material, in no particular order))
  11. 3e Roemeense volksdans, die ook Csokolom speelt,

  12. Van Dik Hout, Vier Weken, (hele CD); At the end of track 8, "Uit het donker": An F, being a minor third from D, changes to an F as a minor seventh from G. Cf. Khachaturian: Here no sharp/flat change, yet almost as beautiful.
    See here.

  13. Jimi Hendrix: The wind cries Mary, Cross Town Traffic, Red House, Little Wing, (A Cry of Love: ) My Friend, Drifting, Angel; If 6 was 9

  14. Prince, back side of Kiss single (love or money?)
    See here.

  15. Money, Lennon/McCartney, cover version by ???
    [Addition 6 October 2015: The Flying Lizards]

  16. Tata Mirando,

  17. Moonchild, King Crimson

  18. The Green Manalishi, Peter Freen (Fleetwood Mac)

  19. Almost cut my hair, CSNY

  20. Ramses Shaffy, Josje, stukken waarin hij zelf piano speelt. (Mama Mokum?)

  21. Marlene on the wall, Suzanne Vega

  22. Since I've been loving you, Led Zeppelin, Whole lotta love, lange versie,

  23. Fado: Lugar Fazio [opmerking 6 oktober 2015: Foei, vazio, natuurlijk, met een v], Fado da Adica, Cancao do Mar (Dulce Pontes, maar liever de andere uitvoering),

  24. Black Sabbath: (lang stuk, niet Paranoid), [aanvulling 6 oktober 2015:
    Sleeping Village
    Warning ]

  25. La ya Habibi, [aanvulling 6 oktober 2015: door Umm Kalthum]

  26. Mikis Theodorakis: Dhioti dhen sinemorfothin (text?, meaning?).

  27. Mikis Theodorakis: Makria, poly makria.

  28. Astor Piazzolla 2 nummers.

  29. Atahualpa Yupanqui.

  30. Elvis Costello, I love you, I don't wanna go to Chelsea

  31. Taste, Rory Gallagher: What's going on, See here

  32. Traffic, Steve Winwood, John Barleycorn

  33. Villa Lobos?

  34. Glazounov,

  35. Rhiannon, Fleetwood Mac (zie ook veel eerdere FL.Mac)

  36. Ander nummer uit die zelfde tijd, Savanah Band.

  37. Boddhisatva, Haitian divorce.

  38. Summer in the city, Lovin' Spoonful (met John Sebastian

  39. Friday on my mind, the Easybeats

  40. Itchicoo Park, The Small Faces

  41. Strawberry Fields,

  42. Sexy Sadie

  43. Across the universe

  44. Walrus

  45. Alles van Bach

  46. Div. Jazz (o.a. Stan Getz)

  47. I'm a man, Chicago Transit Authority, featuring Steve Kath

  48. 25 or 6 to 4, Chicago Transit Authority, featuring Steve Kath

    Blood Sweat and Tears.

  49. Prince, Sign o'the times

  50. Black Betty, Ram Jam

  51. Walk like an Egyptian, Bangles

  52. Blackberry Way, The Move

  53. All right now, the Free

  54. I'm going home (by helicopter), Ten Years After, Alvin Lee (o.a. Woodstock)

  55. Freedom, Richie Havens

  56. I put a spell on you, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

  57. Fred Astaire, The Mo (just that one track)

  58. Invitation, Wild and Exciting, etc. ; Earth & Fire

  59. Big Yellow Taxi, Woodstock, Joni Mitchell

  60. Sheryl Crow, James Bond theme Dec 1997, Tomorrow never dies

  61. van Dik Hout (Zenderruis & testbeeld)

  62. Tanita Tikaram

  63. Miles Davis, Jilli

  64. Hang on to a dream, Tim Hardin (eerst gehoorde uitvoering van Rudy Bennett? of iets dergelijks?)

  65. Liefs uit Londen, Bløf

  66. (Rory Block, solo gitaarstuk)

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