Better off with a dictator?

. Translated from Dutch and Interlingua by the author, using suggestions made by Google Translate.

Is a dictatorship better for a country than a democratic system?

In a democracy, decisions cannot be made quickly, because a lot of discussion is needed to convince enough members of the democratic body that makes decisions and makes the laws, or approves them. All decisions must be compromises, which respect many incompatible interests. This makes decisions and laws complicated, and often ineffective.

A non-democratic government can carry out its policies decisively and resolutely. If the policy is good for the people and the nation, and not only serves the interests of the politicians themselves, the results can be fine. But the downside is the lack of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. There is repression, blocked internet access, people are afraid to develop and spread new ideas, there are political prisoners, perhaps torture.

Would the economic situation in China be better or worse if China had had a democratic government after Mao Zedong, instead of the autocratic one it still has today? Perhaps worse.

They say in China many are keeping their political views to them­selves, not just because of the repression, but also because they are happy with the situation as it is. They compare their economic circumstances with those of their parents and grandparents, and see that they are now much better off. So why want a different government?

Yet, I am still a democrat, and strongly against oppression, autocrats and dictators. How does that combine with the benefits I see in a dictatorship like in China?

In the democratic system that I would like to see, those who don’t vote are treated like the Chinese who stay away from politics because the standard of living is more important to them. They have decided to let the government rule without interfering. But now without the fear that reigns in countries with oppression, and of free will.

In such a system, the interests of minorities are protected, as is the free expression of opinions and ideas, there is freedom of the press, and people can periodically replace politicians who have lost their credibility and public trust.

The best of both worlds. An ideal system for all countries.

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