Nihil plus

Idea le 13 de augusto, texto le

Un multo belle cantion de Fotheringay, que io habeva oblidate de mentionar in mi longe articulo sur Sandy Denny: Nothing more. Le parolas del cantion es remarcabile:

“My friend I know you’ve suffered,
Although you are still young.
Why was it you who’d not take help
From anyone?”

Forsan iste amico pro qui Sandy canta le cantion de facto es illa mesme? O primo alcuno altere, ma plus tarde su proprie destino deveniva plus e plus similar?

Oh the pearls that you hold in your hand
They are beautiful to see,
But you show them not to anyone,
Not even me.

Forsan iste perlas es lo que Sandy ha scribite, cantate e sonate, e que nos ancora hodie pote con gaudio appreciar?

Why can you not see reason?
Our lives they are not long.
Why can you take no time
To tell us all we're wrong?

My tune it does not change, he said,
And neither does your song,
And words I use them rarely
When I'm all alone.

Le cantion esseva registrate in 1970, quando illa habeva 23 annos. Parolas multo acerbe, ora sapiente como ha continuate su vita. Forsan si illa poteva haber recipite plus adjuta apte, illa ancora viverea, e haberea create ancora plus perlas?