Web resources for Yiddish

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This is for Yiddish what I made earlier for Hebrew, for Interlingua, and for phonetics. It’s a list of hyperlinks to web pages that may be useful when dealing with the Yiddish language.

Keyboards and alphabet



There’s a group Learn Yiddish. See also this Yiddishistke Resource Guide.



The Yiddish Book Center hosts the Digital Yiddish Library, sponsored by Steven Spielberg, which contain lots of scanned old Yiddish books. See also Archive.org.

The books were made searchable using the OCR software Jochre (Java Optical CHaracter REcognition) developed by Assaf Urieli. Quote: “Jochre is an OCR package based on supervised machine learning techniques. It has been applied to several languages, including Yiddish, Occitan and Alsacien.


What Language Does the Sea Speak? Yiddish in Tel Aviv (English Subtitles; 12 minutes)


Eydes, Elektronische Form des Jiddischen Sprach- und Kulturatlas, Electronic Version of the Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry.