In addition to ideas about the economy and about money reform, Mike Montagne also expressed political views. This “Mandates” document contains a mixture of both.

I ignore the money matters for now and focus on politics. Below are some quotes with my comments. I think Mike Montagne’s political statements are pretty worrying, alarming, shocking and appalling.

Fortunately, judging from Twitter, @Mike_Montagne he seems to have only about a dozen followers around the world: @PFMPE, @Australia4MPE, @Holland4MPE, @Holland4MPE2, @Canada4MPE, @Brazil4MPE, @UK4MPE, @Danmark4MPE, @TheGlobe4MPE.

So the danger of this revolutionary movement in practice is limited.

Quotes and comments

Equality, separation or powers

As much as the concept or fact of representation may be subverted; and as much as just people are the only possible arbiters of justice; every just person therefore inherits omnipotent authorities to rescind, to repair, and to prosecute every offense against us; and to declare the absolute bounds to which we may be subject: [...]

So in this just society that Mike Montagne has in mind, people do not have equal rights. Just people – who of course are only those who unquestioningly subscribe to Mike’s ideas – have special rights: they are the prosecutors, judges and executioners. Separation of powers, bye-bye.

Free political discussion

More quotes:

no power or authority shall exist in any seated or future government, but to comply immediately, without debate, without contest, and even without reservation against this, our essential prescription for mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™;

Bye-bye to democracy too. Mike Montagne’s dogmas on economics are absolute and no longer open to free discussion and amendment. This means that implementation of his ideas would lead to a dictatorship, or be reminiscent of religions with holy scriptures that are to be taken literally and deemed to contain the absolute truth.

Free press

No public campaign, proposition, or standing act therefore;

So no free press or freedom of speech would be allowed in Mike Montagne’s ideal world. Only ideas conforming to his may be heard and printed. Mike Montagne wants to be a dictator.

This is similar to communist ideas where a small group seizes power and then claims to represent the “Power to the People”, without ever consulting the people in free elections to find out what they really want, and without allowing a free press and access to radio and television.

 "disinformation" shall be understood as to mislead public opinion either by inaccuracy or omission;

Such a notion of “disinformation” is of course an easy way to silence opponents. An opponent is anyone who dares ask questions or have an opinion deviating from that of the guru a.k.a. dictator.


[...] that to eradicate political betrayal, we must deny every seated or future government any authority whatever but to comply; and that necessarily therefore, our signatures immediately establish omnipotent personal authorities not only to fully protect ourselves from every transgression of these facts, but to prosecute every deviate for every related crime against us – each and every which deviate government, entity, and person therefore, from the moment of our signature forth, is guilty of the gravest treasons against us.

This sounds very much like Stalinism and its show trials.


Being therefore as consensual representation hinges always upon a fact of comprehensive disclosure; therefore disinformation in any quarter of public affairs, however misleading, shall be treason: [...]

The many things I wrote about banking, money creation and interest in general, and about MPE/CMF/CMI in particular, are almost certainly full of disinformation in the eyes of Mike Montagne and his followers. That means in their view I have been and will be guilty of treason.

As we saw above, the persecutors and judges are just people, i.e., Mike Montagne and his disciples. What would be my punishment, if these people could ever assume power? The guillotine?


I see a clear parallel with the French revolution: that started as a protest movement against “royal absolutism” and “traditional seigneurial privileges possessed by the nobility”.

The current revolutionary ideas are directed against banks – not against real injustice, but mainly against the windmills of misunderstandings.

The French revolution did not lead to freedom and justice, but to la Terreur and eventually a new dictator: emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Likewise, implementing Mike Montagne’s revolutionary ideas would lead to a financial system that either does not work at all or that in fact works the same as what we already have.

And our current political freedoms in democratic countries would be replaced by a dictatorship by Mike Montagne and his faithful supporters from the very beginning. That is, if they have the capabilities to co-rule, and do not fall into disgrace. As Jacques Mallet du Pan wrote in 1793: “[...], la révolution dévore ses enfants”, the revolution eats its own children.

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