A milestone

The planned Dutch translation of this English statement will constitute a milestone: the 178th article (including announcements of technical improvements) I wrote this year, two thousand and eleven.

Why is such an unremarkable number a milestone? Because it means I will have written twice as many articles as in my most prolific year so far: two thousand and seven! There were 89 of them then.

Will I double the amount again next year? 178 times 2 is 356 which is still less than 366 (2012 is a leap year).

Time will tell, and always bear in mind that quality counts, more than mere quantity.


30 December 2011:

The earlier numbers were incorrect: the count included 5 articles that I never wrote or never completed, but which were already mentioned in the ‘what’s new’ file, commented out. Using a simple grep to count them, I overlooked that fact.

Anyway, the corrected count on 30 December 2011 at 19:00 is 189. That’s also a milestone: one hundred more than the 89 articles written in my most prolific year, 2007.