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Ruud Harmsen

Email: because of email address harvesters, I no longer spell out my e-mail address, but describe it instead:
My first name in lowercase, followed by the 1st letter of my family name, @
Of in het Nederlands:
Mijn voornaam in kleine letters, gevolgd door de 1e letter van mijn achternaam, @
Mijn naam is / my name is: Ruud Harmsen

Mountain View

This picture was taken, maybe around 1994, on the Roche Sanadoire, looking out on the Roche Tuillière. Auvergne, France, south-east of Clermont Ferrand. D27 from Orcival, or via D983.

A more recent photo

February 1, 2007

I seem to have changed a bit lately ...

CLA reünie and a story about a book

Workplace photos:

A more recent photo (February 1, 2007):