What’s new in 2021?

(lang=nl) 25 Februari 2021:
Used CSS @font-face in textfont.css, so whenever SIL’s font Ezra SIL is referred to, like in yihe.css, it’ll come from my site, instead of relying on whether or not it is installed on the user’s machine.
This is especially important for tablets and smartphones, as Android seems to have no serif fonts that support Hebrew script, only sans-serif.

(lang=en) 11, 13 and 14 February 2021:
Web resources for Yiddish

(lang=nl) 7 februari 2021:

(lang=ia) Le 7 de februario 2021:

(lang=ia) Le 3 de februario 2021:
Moral undose

(lang=ia) Le 2 e 3 de februario 2021:
Dissonantia in dominante

(lang=en) 25 January until 2 February 2021:
Your smile

(lang=nl) 31 januari 2021:
Overeenkomst – Verschil

(lang=en) 28 January 2021:
Just a thought

(lang=ia) Le 23 de decembre 2020 usque le 24 de januario 2021:
Tu surriso

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