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But what has brought you here? Just because you fell asleep I am stupid enough to tell you all this, so now I’d like to know a little more about you.’ Ladethe started. He didn’t like direct inquiries about himself, although he really wouldn’t know what he had to hide. After a while he said: ‘Perhaps emptiness attracts me. Or I like quiet places. I don’t know.’

So he went – Chapter 1

Exchanging money for money seems useless. Why would you do that, the net effect is zero! Simple answer: it does make sense if the conditions are different.

Mutual agreement

The authors sometimes look at debt being the resulting principal after any redemption instalments. At other times they include any interest in their notion of ‘debt’, regardless of whether that interest was already paid as agreed, or whether the borrower is in arrears.

I think that’s incorrect and confusing.

Interest and stability (II)

I don’t want to type that full path every time I use the command. I want to type just xcopybat⏎. I can achieve that by setting the PATH variable.

PATH and the DOS box

Este sistema [eSt1siStema], or in reduced form [eStsStema], esse sistema [es1siStema] or [essStema].


I tried to recover from the attack (I am sensitive to public derision) by replying:

Same document, different interpretation

In this directory I publish a copy of this bilingual grammar (English and Interlingua) of Interlingua. The copy is identical except that I corrected a lot of errors that resulted from OCR’ing PDFs (OCR = Optical Character Recognition).

Bilingual Interlingua grammar

‘Anything has two sides, either of which may look different in the sunlight. It doesn’t do anyone any good to know it, but it just happens to be true,’ Ladethe concluded not very much to the point.

After a moment of silence, the old man got even more reckless. ‘Well, yes, as you might have guessed, I live here, and I work here, why should I conceal the facts? But you still haven’t told me about your facts, have you?’ he tried again.

So he went – Chapter 1

One step further in this development is towards bank accounts: just like a banknote represents a claim on a central bank, a bank account balance (of a checking account or a savings account) constitutes a claim on a non-central bank. I wrote about this earlier.

Representing all value?

Using /3/ suggests that the sound should resemble the vowel in British English, especially northern varieties thereof, in words like "bird". Cf. the first vowel in catedral © with the sound of "ur" in pretty nurses, from the famous Beatle song "Penny Lane".

Symbol 3 or 6 for open schwa?

In these cases context extends over words boundaries: In "a que Deus deu" ("which God gave") both occurrences of phonemes /d/ are realised as the [D] allophone, because of the e and the s in the preceding word.
Likewise, in "asas inĂșteis" (useless wings), both phonemes /s/ in the word "asas" sound as [z], because of the following vowel, regardless of whether that vowel is in the same word or in the next. An isolated "asas" has [S] for the second s, because a pause or other non-vowel follows.

Context and word boundaries

The exact motive for not showing up in a polling station doesn’t really matter. In all cases, I think politicians may decide on behalf of those who don’t vote. For them and without them. This is because in fact, those who do not vote, give the politicians carte blanche!

A more effective democracy

I used to have my bookmarks here. I started this list of links sometime in 1995 or so, when Internet search engines were still in their pioneering stage. Nowadays (2002) I find myself using


and other search engines almost exclusively, instead of my own bookmarks. Moreover, I haven't kept them up to date for a long time, so there must be a lot of dead links by now. I takes me too much time to check them all.

For these reasons, I decided to stop supporting the bookmarks.

No more bookmarks

I think what this Δημοκρατία newspaper did is a shame and a disgrace. Apart from also being a typical case of a Godwin, of course.

If you borrow money, eventually you will have to pay it back, as agreed. Meanwhile you have to pay interest, as agreed.

If you can’t, clearly something went wrong, but whatever the reasons for that, IT IS STILL YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


Why so paranoid? All I ever do is try to find out and understand how things really work, and then tell other people about it. I never deceive anyone. Why should I?

Interest back into circulation

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