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After that eventual recognition of my mistake, it took me almost a year and a half, until September 16/17, until I finally corrected my description.

I am slow, but I learn!

The pronunciation of the Portuguese of Portugal - Stress rules and accents - Now different

Although the final goal should be a very drastic reduction of the human population, to say one thousand million or even less in the whole world, a quick reduction would present too many problems. The balance between age groups would be lost, social security systems would come under too great pressure, and where social security is organised by families rather than by the government, unbearable difficulties would arise.

Man and the rest of nature


My latest concoction to promote my web site is a showcase function. It displays prominent passages from existing articles, with the clickable article title underneath.

The idea is to arouse interest. Probably to no avail. But I have enjoyed it, the programming, marking the passages and seeing them appear. Let me do my thing; as long as it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to others, it’s all right.

Grep -v? No, -L!

I was walking in the woods not far from here, perhaps in the vicinity of that pond you were just talking about. The wood began to bore me. Always the same trees, at equal distances, in any direction, on a soil of almost identical leaves and twigs. The only distinction between leaves seemed to be their degree of decay. But the dreariness was abruptly interrupted by an open area. It was not at all like what you would expect in a wood. There was a faint whitish-green glimmer, like that from watches made before the digital era. The light sprang from four metal beams lying flat on the ground, forming a rectangle. The sides were about thirty and sixty yartres in length, the section of the beams measured one by five inches.

So he went – Chapter 2

Verbs in -ar

Verbs that have an infinitive that ends in -ar, and which have an e or o in the penultimate syllable have the open sound (as if written é or ó) whenever that syllable is stressed.
Example: emprego /e~prEgu/ (I use /AI ju:z/), emprega /e~prEg3/ (he/she/it uses), etc.
See also verb vs. noun.

Regular alternations of half-open sounds

This is interesting. Could monetary financing, i.e., a central bank providing the money for its own government, have averted the debt crises that so many of the world’s governments find themselves in today? Could returning to such monetary financing solve those crises now that they are already there?

Central bank funding government?

The created money is something the borrower owns, not something the borrower owes to the bank. Money is claim, is possession. Money is not debt.

Give up commensurable consideration

he wants no money creation by banks, and he thinks banks should have the money they lend out.

And as I see it, that is easy to achieve. Not by changing and reforming and perhaps disrupting the whole system, with chaos, civil war, poverty and hunger as a possible consequence. Nor by changing the definition of money. But simply by using a different definition of money, equally valid but suitable for different purposes.

Different definition, same system

We see here the phenomenon of increasing the balance sheet total, by adding the loan amount at the debit side, and at the credit side the corresponding availability of the amount to the borrower. What happens here between central bank and government is the same thing as what I described for a non-central bank and its borrowing client here.

Central bank funding government?

Fragmentation IS a problem, however, where the actual collection of the promised products or services is concerned: instead of one company collecting 2000 chickens at once, there could be hundreds of different account holders in the CMI, each entitled to a few of those chickens. Some of those account holders will show up, around the pre-agreed delivery date, to collect their rightfully owned chickens. But some don’t. The chicken raiser is not allowed to deliver any uncollected chickens to somebody else. Yet another practical problem.

Also, because of the sheer number of product collections in a short period, the chicken grower won’t have any time for his regular work.

CMI, and then?

Of course I could also consistently write web pages in UTF-8 to make any Unicode characters directly accessible. But for that I need editors that support Unicode UTF-8. Notepad in Windows Vista does. Conversely, mdiNotepad by Tom Kostiainen only supports displaying Unicode letters, which unfortunately don’t always survive editing and saving.

I used to use pico on Unix (FreeBSD), and I recently switched to the more powerful nano. I managed to set the correct locale so nano now supports ISO-8859-1. It can probably be made compatible with other character sets as well, but I didn’t try very hard to get that to work. ISO-8859-1 is enough for me, and will be until I die.

Exotic entities

From all these quotes, the fundamental idea emerges that money should represent the value of products. One step further: that money should represent the value of all products, valuable objects and services present in the economy.

Money itself has value

I think that idea is wrong. I think money does not represent the value of something else, but it itself has a value, independent of the value of anything else.

Representing all value?

Some take their visions a step further and it is their opinion that we should look for ways of creating a different kind of money, money which has no relation to debt. Debt-free money.

Recently it occurred to me why (in my opinion) that isn’t necessary at all, why money linked to debt isn’t a problem at all. That’s because I then realised how debt is part of the nature of money, how it is intimately connected to what money is, how money was invented, what money is for. I’ll explain.

Trade money

That was because Unix supports locale and can do the sorting properly, taking the collating sequence of the character set into account. Windows can probably also do that right, but I don’t know how and frankly, I do not want to know. For text processing, good old Unix is better suited. To my taste anyway.

For example, the English word exit, Portuguese êxito (= success) and Catalan èxit – which for some strange reason is mentioned somewhere on my site – now appear near each other in the index list. Words beginning with a German ü are sorted together with words starting in u, in German or other languages.

Automatic site index

If we compare that with payments in the real world, then we see a very different picture. In the real economy, I can get an invoice paid because the debtor has part of its claim on its bank (in other words: the balance of its bank account) transferred into an increase of my claim on my bank (which may be the same as theirs or a different one).

If banks can, why can't we?

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