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The tank repeatedly came very close, with considerable speed, then suddenly braked with a jolt, swaying on its tracks. It danced around him through the mud, the right and left track running in opposite directions, and then forced Athib’a to run for his life, away from the building, towards the trees. It kept accelerating until Athib’a was at top speed, staying only an arm-length away from him.

So he went – Chapter 2

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Exotic entities

In this song sung by Camané, "recomeça" is in rhyming position with "aconteça", although in theory they have different vowels: recomeça © is from the verb recomeçar, and ar-verbs have open stressed vowels o and e. aconteça © on the other hand is from the verb acontecer, and the subjunctive used here is derived from the first person aconteço, which (other than the third person acontece /3ko~tEs1/) has a closed vowel, so it's /3ko~tes3/. But in this example I hardly hear any difference at all. And I don't think the singer modifies his pronunciation to force the words to rhyme, because in that same song, redor © (with a half-open vowel) is in rhyming position with amor © (with a half-close vowel) and here the difference can be clearly heard.

Phonetics of /e/ and /E/

Even is she had an ugly face, which clearly she hasn’t, one such smile could turn a grey day into a celebration. So let’s not forget to smile to each other, as often as we can.

One such smile a day

That I have such difficulty in understanding written English, some written English, is in fact alarming. That’s because since 1995, I have earned part of my living by translating English and German texts into my own language, which is Dutch. Yet another alarming fact is, that I never received any formal training in that area.

Meanings of consideration

So they progressed towards them, eagerly but drenched with hesitation. Ladethe looked down to the ground as he walked, and noticed one of those details that are utterly irrelevant in the situation, but become perceivable through the disordering effect of strain on awareness: the blades of the grass were rather long, and placed awkwardly wide apart, with lots of brown mould visible between them. When they entered the gap between two tanks, merrily tapping the muddy tracks with their hands, like when soothing a horse, the soldiers hardly seemed to notice them, and the ones that did showed no signs of hostility.

So he went – Chapter 2

Barter can work but it has a serious problem: the often occurring lack of a double coincidence of wants (William Stanley Jevons). I referred to it before.

Trade money

Zhusah preferred to sustain doubt about their earlier acquaintance, she admitted he reminded her of a man she knew, but it might have been someone else. She looked different now, older, long less curly hair in a plait. Her sensual attraction was unaffected.

So he went – Chapter 4

So in practice, if both situations actually occurred (they don’t in the eurozone, because A is prohibited), net interest costs of scenario C would probably be the same as those of scenario A. In this example: 3%.

Central bank funding government?

Paradoxically, granting a credit automatically causes money creation, but now with ‘money’ in a special monetary sense. But this money creation does not make the bank any richer: in terms of value, the net effect is zero.

This is difficult to understand, but it is true. That so many people fail to understand this, is one the underlying causes of a widespread, unjustified mistrust of banks among the general public.

Interest back into circulation

OK, that’s about the music. What I really wanted to write about is this: life is short and it can be harsh sometimes. Seemingly small things can cheer us up and make life beautiful. This is an example: those smiles by Roberta Sá in the video Mambembe.

One such smile a day

As soon as such contacts are established, imagine that the interlocutor is part of your own group. Then instinctively the inclination towards peace and cooperation will surface, an altruism based on common interests.

A road to peace

Using /3/ suggests that the sound should resemble the vowel in British English, especially northern varieties thereof, in words like "bird". Cf. the first vowel in catedral © with the sound of "ur" in pretty nurses, from the famous Beatle song "Penny Lane".

Symbol 3 or 6 for open schwa?

رُذَر   ruðar   ρουδαρ   رُدْهَر   रुधर्


It is important to have both recent and older backups. That’s because if you have ruined a document without noticing, recent backups tend to contain that broken file too. You need older backups of several dates, in order to find one that still, and already, contains the lost pieces of data.

Using xcopy for backups

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