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Tuning a guitar seems easy at first sight: just make sure all six strings have the correct pitch, and you’re done. But it’s not that simple, because several factors complicate the matter. As a result, an acceptable tuning is always a compromise:

How to tune a guitar

So they progressed towards them, eagerly but drenched with hesitation. Ladethe looked down to the ground as he walked, and noticed one of those details that are utterly irrelevant in the situation, but become perceivable through the disordering effect of strain on awareness: the blades of the grass were rather long, and placed awkwardly wide apart, with lots of brown mould visible between them. When they entered the gap between two tanks, merrily tapping the muddy tracks with their hands, like when soothing a horse, the soldiers hardly seemed to notice them, and the ones that did showed no signs of hostility.

So he went – Chapter 2

Now guess what? For pronouncing the name Benghazi there’s no need to make this effort!

Overzealous foreign pronunciation

So if you think fractional reserve banking is evil, and you’d rather have full reserve banking instead, just think of the consequences.

Monthly salary tides

Some Latin words with initial pl produced two Portuguese words, with related meanings; in one case even three:

Pranto and llanto, but not chanto

Trade credit

This is very common. When a company buys goods or services from another company, it usually doesn’t pay right on delivery. Instead it waits for an invoice to arrive, and then after the term of payment, say 30 days, it pays.

In the meantime, the seller (creditor) is giving credit to the buyer (the debtor). The seller has this credit in its books under accounts receivable, the buyer under accounts payable.

If banks can, why can't we?

I didn’t think, and still don’t think that is even grammatically possible. The words can only refer back to “claims or obligations between its [meaning: the bank’s] clients


Money should be divisible

Also, money should be arbitrarily divisible. Dollars and euros are: if you receive 3 times 100 dollars by selling something or working for it, you can spend that amount in any number of different payment amounts, provided they total 300 dollars or less.

Pay with a promise?

But he went, using his waiting and apparently ignorant hosts as an excuse. He felt a burning rage against himself. He passed the porter without a tip. Naturally the man would not let him leave, tried to intimidate him, shook his shoulders, but Ladethe ignored him completely, and this unusual lack of fear in such a thin man puzzled him so that he finally released him.

So he went – Chapter 1

This morning, when I heard it again on the radio, I wondered if putting “worry” and “hurry” at the end of a line is a case of poetic license. They have different vowels, haven’t they?

No, they haven’t.

It does rhyme!

So in practice, if both situations actually occurred (they don’t in the eurozone, because A is prohibited), net interest costs of scenario C would probably be the same as those of scenario A. In this example: 3%.

Central bank funding government?

To cover its significantly higher costs, the new CMI would have to charge more than traditional banks (either as interest, and/or as other types of charges or commissions), AND it interferes more with people’s lives. Exactly the opposite of what MPE believers hoped to achieve.

CMI, and then?

Ideally, the two notes of an interval, of the three or more notes of a chord, should have frequencies that can be expressed as the ratio of small integers. That is because the notes then have overtones that are equal or very close to each other.

How to tune a guitar

Another example of this combination, sung relatively slowly, so with all the vowels intact, can be found on the latest CD (March 2003) by Cristina Branco: Alegres estão  © [3lEgr1z1St3~u~].

Here is a nice example of a lyrics line, sung by Camané, in which the phenomenon occurs twice. This shows that in fact both possibilities (combining final and initial /S/, or keeping them separate) occur:
Os degraus, quanto mais altos, mais estragadas estão ©, [uZd1grawS kw3~tumajzaltuS majz1Str3gad3St3~w~]. Separate in the first case (mais estragadas), combined in the second (estragadas estão).

Word-initial es

Remote past

Modern humans live in a world that is vastly different from that of their congeners myriads of years ago, when they were all still hunter-gatherers. But they themselves have not changed much. So, in order to understand how modern people think, feel, and especially how they behave, I believe we must look at the struggle for life, the efforts for survival, of those people in the past, in the circumstances they were in then.

A road to peace

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