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So, an “effective,” just circulation must at all times equal as close as possible the remaining value of all production (“products”).

No. That is never the case, nor is it ever desirable or necessary. The value of products and the value of money are two different things. Confusing the two only leads to, well, ehm, confusion. :)

Representing all value?

‘Then why rely on influences from outside the earth? What’s wrong with the existing dominant countries of the earth to develop into less devastating directions? You now see that eventually they do, albeit late and slowly!’

So he went – Chapter 2

A few days ago, on 24 December 2009, I was quietly reading a Portuguese book about air conditioning. I had bought that book on 24 May 2004 from a bookstall at the north side of the “Praça do Comércio” in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.

Of axes and axles

I am not certain whether the frequency ratios are really as I describe them, but I hardly see any other possibility, considering I need to come close to the pitches indicated, and use relatively small ratio integers.

Amsterdam is a melodious city

Any sexual behaviour is permitted, that does not violate the principle of mutual consideration between those involved. Involved are the ones that make love to each other, but also any other regular sexual partners of any of them. As an example, this implies that married people are allowed to have sexual relations outside of their marriage, but only if this is possible without hurting the feelings of the marriage partner.


Remote past

Modern humans live in a world that is vastly different from that of their congeners myriads of years ago, when they were all still hunter-gatherers. But they themselves have not changed much. So, in order to understand how modern people think, feel, and especially how they behave, I believe we must look at the struggle for life, the efforts for survival, of those people in the past, in the circumstances they were in then.

A road to peace

Money requires trust

Banks are known to always fulfil their promises, banks are generally trusted. That is why their promises to the public are money: money is claims by the public on banks. In other words: money is promises to pay, promises by banks to the public.

Buying a house with a promise

OK, so someone who bought a house, can pay it down over a period of a 100 years, but also faster, or slower again. The obligor (the one who issued the promissory obligation) determines the rate of depreciation, and so, of periodic payments.

Looks like a very relaxed kind of economy.

Much clearer now!

The à still exists in words like à and às, which are contractions of a a and a as (to the). In these words, the accent indicates a sound difference:

The pronunciation of the Portuguese of Portugal - Stress rules and accents

So I properly stopped web server Apache, did my log file manipulations, and then restarted Apache. Much more comme il faut and reliable. So far so good.

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

In these cases context does not extend over words boundaries: A written s at the beginning of a word will always sound as /s/, never as /z/, regardless of whether or not the preceding word ends in a vowel.

Context and word boundaries

So the word denotes the seductive force of sin, but at the same time also the believer's strength to withstand that temptation. The word itself is reciprocal.

Is this ‘fitna’ really what Islam means to Geert Wilders? Does he secretly feel attracted to Islam? Deep in his heart he would like to convert to Islam, but he keeps trying to resist that temptation?

I'm sure that is not what he means by this title.

Is Fitna a good title for Wilders's film?

In principle, a non-central bank too could create money in advance, before supplying it to the borrower. Then the bank would prepare a loan, including its debit and its credit side, before a borrowing client is known. That is a loan to and from the bank itself, with the on demand money in a transaction account owned by the bank and administered by the bank itself. It’s possible, but it makes no sense.

So I maintain what I stated in my previous article: a money creating entity cannot use that money for its own benefit. That’s because created money spent is money borrowed. Borrowed from those it is paid out to.

Those who think money creation is a cheap form of financing, are only fooling themselves.

Seigniorage (1)

Lezíria is one of those many Iberic words of Arabic origin. It means tract of marshy land alongside a river (source: Michaelis pt-en), but also (Porto Editora) ínsula no meio de um rio, formada de lodos e detritos.

Garça, gaibéu, Al-Jaziira, Algeria


Many people are worried about interest, and in their opinion interest should be banned entirely, because they think:

That’s because in fact, banks do also create the interest – not on purpose, but automatically.

Creating interest

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