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But he went, using his waiting and apparently ignorant hosts as an excuse. He felt a burning rage against himself. He passed the porter without a tip. Naturally the man would not let him leave, tried to intimidate him, shook his shoulders, but Ladethe ignored him completely, and this unusual lack of fear in such a thin man puzzled him so that he finally released him.

So he went – Chapter 1

The authors sometimes look at debt being the resulting principal after any redemption instalments. At other times they include any interest in their notion of ‘debt’, regardless of whether that interest was already paid as agreed, or whether the borrower is in arrears.

I think that’s incorrect and confusing.

Interest and stability (II)

Most people are familiar with money from early childhood. So they know what money is and understand how it works.

When they read about money creation and money destruction, they think they understand that too.

Money creation is when afterwards there is more money than there was before.

Money destruction is when afterwards there is less money than there was before.

Simple. But is it? No, it’s not!

What is money?

So grosso modo, in the world there are three voting systems. One system that doesn’t work well, and two systems that silence minorities. I don’t like either of the three.

A more effective democracy

If we compare that with payments in the real world, then we see a very different picture. In the real economy, I can get an invoice paid because the debtor has part of its claim on its bank (in other words: the balance of its bank account) transferred into an increase of my claim on my bank (which may be the same as theirs or a different one).

If banks can, why can't we?

OK, that’s about the music. What I really wanted to write about is this: life is short and it can be harsh sometimes. Seemingly small things can cheer us up and make life beautiful. This is an example: those smiles by Roberta Sá in the video Mambembe.

One such smile a day

Right, that must be a mistake by the map makers, I thought, so immediately I sent a correction to Google Maps, because now we can.

Well, but the same error is also on Bing Maps. So is it really a mistake the map makers made, or is this simply the name they got through from the municipal authorities?

One letter

I wonder if this title is really a good choice. It is true that the Arabic word “fitna” ( فتن ) can mean “test”, “temptation”, “trial”, but it can also mean “charm”, “attractiveness”, “enticement”.

Is Fitna a good title for Wilders's film?

I was walking in the woods not far from here, perhaps in the vicinity of that pond you were just talking about. The wood began to bore me. Always the same trees, at equal distances, in any direction, on a soil of almost identical leaves and twigs. The only distinction between leaves seemed to be their degree of decay. But the dreariness was abruptly interrupted by an open area. It was not at all like what you would expect in a wood. There was a faint whitish-green glimmer, like that from watches made before the digital era. The light sprang from four metal beams lying flat on the ground, forming a rectangle. The sides were about thirty and sixty yartres in length, the section of the beams measured one by five inches.

So he went – Chapter 2

As God is within you and around you, you always have direct access to God. To reach It, no mediators are necessary, like for example the roman catholics, despite their supposed monotheism, find in Jesus, Maria and in a crowd of saints.

The vzajku religion

Governments must not forbid abortion, nor impede women to have an abortion if they so wish, lest illegal and medically risky abortions would occur.


For each account holder, there should be records of what others promised to them: the nature of the promised product or service, its quantity, its scheduled time of delivery. Also it must be known who promised it: the holder of one of the other accounts in the CMI database.

CMI, and then?

As soon as such contacts are established, imagine that the interlocutor is part of your own group. Then instinctively the inclination towards peace and cooperation will surface, an altruism based on common interests.

A road to peace

Although the final goal should be a very drastic reduction of the human population, to say one thousand million or even less in the whole world, a quick reduction would present too many problems. The balance between age groups would be lost, social security systems would come under too great pressure, and where social security is organised by families rather than by the government, unbearable difficulties would arise.

Man and the rest of nature

The tank repeatedly came very close, with considerable speed, then suddenly braked with a jolt, swaying on its tracks. It danced around him through the mud, the right and left track running in opposite directions, and then forced Athib’a to run for his life, away from the building, towards the trees. It kept accelerating until Athib’a was at top speed, staying only an arm-length away from him.

So he went – Chapter 2

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