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2 July 1988

1. God’s inheritance

God does exist. Nature is so miraculous, so complex yet effective, that there must have been a thinking, knowing Being who once designed it. Human scientists have not halfway managed to see through this design, to understand the laws of nature, birth, life and death of stars, the genetic codesystem of DNA, the functioning of the brain, and many other miracles, some of which are not even known to exist yet.

Every new discovery in science makes it harder to believe that the universe arose without plan, as a mere coincidence. There must have been a Designer, a Creator.

God created the universe, but not as it is today. At first there was only energy, and the laws of nature. Perhaps there was also matter, or energy was transformed into matter, but the complexity of chemical elements, star systems, stars, planets, and life on earth certainly has not existed from the beginning.

After God designed the universe, and created energy and the laws of nature, Its *) work had ended. God’s design was perfect, and all that later developed in the universe, and that is yet to develop, was potentially present in this creation in its unripened stage.

The wonder of God’s act of creation is not that It created the universe, as it is now, all at once, but rather that It created the potential for later development, and for the evolution of earthly life, which Darwin discovered. All development could have its course without God having to intervene: Its original design was enough.

*) God is neither human, nor an animal. So God cannot have a sex. That is why God is here referred to as It, not as She or He.

This does not mean that God fixed every detail in the design. Based on God’s laws of nature development in many directions is possible. God’s responsability [sic] for design and creation was inherited in that early stage by the creation itself. The human animal, best suited as it inherited indirectly the divine ability to know and think, now bears that responsability [sic].

That means that mankind inherited the sacred duty to further develop God’s creation, in a manner that concords with the original design.

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