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These are in fact the ideas of Deism and Intelligent design. I wasn’t aware of them when I wrote my text in 1988, or at least now in 2013 I do not remember having been aware of them. I thought they were my original ideas, but I now see I only reformulated ideas that others had long before me.

Meanwhile, myself I have gradually moved towards full atheism. I am still amazed about how the complexity we see around us could have developed from basic particles like bosons, but I no longer assume a God to explain what amazes and fascinates me.


When I wrote this in 1988, I knew nothing about any Depopulation conspiracy theories or the NWO (New World Order). They may not yet have existed back then.

I certainly didn’t mean any kind of forced depopulation, not by toxic vaccination or any other means.

What I advocated was, and still is, a slow, natural population reduction through voluntarily curbed reproduction. Fortunately, this is now (2013) happening all over the world, as the Total fertility rate is going down everywhere, except in Sub-Saharan Africa and some mainly Muslim countries.

A few years after I wrote the pamphlet I am now gradually publishing, I did coming aware of a notion of a ‘New World Order’, but then interpreted as the USA forcibly removing immoral dictators from power. I expected that in early 1991, but it happened in 2003, on false grounds.

I alluded to the 1991 episode here, writing on 26 February 1991. I published that on my website 16 years less two weeks later, on 12 February 2007.

Copyright © 2013, R. Harmsen, all rights reserved.