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These are in fact the ideas of Deism and Intelligent design. I wasn’t aware of them when I wrote my text in 1988, or at least now in 2013 I do not remember having been aware of them. I thought they were my original ideas, but I now see I only reformulated ideas that others had long before me.

Meanwhile, myself I have gradually moved towards full atheism. I am still amazed about how the complexity we see around us could have developed from basic particles like bosons, but I no longer assume a God to explain what amazes and fascinates me.


When I wrote this in 1988, I knew nothing about any Depopulation conspiracy theories or the NWO (New World Order). They may not yet have existed back then.

I certainly didn’t mean any kind of forced depopulation, not by toxic vaccination or any other means.

What I advocated was, and still is, a slow, natural population reduction through voluntarily curbed reproduction. Fortunately, this is now (2013) happening all over the world, as the Total fertility rate is going down everywhere, except in Sub-Saharan Africa and some mainly Muslim countries.

A few years after I wrote the pamphlet I am now gradually publishing, I did coming aware of a notion of a ‘New World Order’, but then interpreted as the USA forcibly removing immoral dictators from power. I expected that in early 1991, but it happened in 2003, on false grounds.

I alluded to the 1991 episode here, writing on 26 February 1991. I published that on my website 16 years less two weeks later, on 12 February 2007.

Abraham, Philistines and Palestinians

27 April 2023

Was Abraham a Jew? The Arabs also see him as their progenitor. Is the story of Abraham historic? Most scholars do not think so. Compare when Bible books were written with the traditional book ordering, and read about the evidence, or the lack thereof, for the historicity of the Bible.

The Philistines probably weren’t a Semitic people like the Jews and the Arabs, rather they came from what later became Greek islands. The names Philistine and Palestine are etymologically related, but the people are not. That is, ethnicity, language and genetics often coincide originally, but not when longer periods of history are examined. It is entirely possible that some Palestinians – and some Jews for that matter – share some DNA with the ancient Philistines, even though their cultures, religions and languages are quite different.

When I wrote my texts in 1988 and 1989, I wasn’t aware of all those things, and I didn’t properly research them. That was harder than today.

Copyright © 2013, 2023, R. Harmsen, all rights reserved.