Why cookies?

What are cookies?

I won’t tell you right now. That’s because it’s clearer to first look at why website builders think they need cookies. From those needs, the ‘What are they?’ question will also be answered naturally.

To understand what website builders might need cookies for, we must look at how web browsing takes place.

Two programs on two computers

When you surf the web, there are two programs involved, that run on two different computers:


Examples of web browsers are:


Examples of web servers are:

There may be many more, but I don’s know them and it doesn’t matter, because and a web surfer, you won’t notice the difference and you are probably not even able to detect which web server is serving you when you visit a particular web page. Not even if you’d want to, which you don’t.


Basis steps

The browser and the server communicate with each other over the internet. They cooperate to enable you, the user, to browse the web. To do that, they use http, the HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Simply said, this is what happens:

More complexity

The whole procedure may seem complicated the way I just described it here. Well, in fact, I skipped and ignored a lot of details, so it is even more complicated:

The essence

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