Music by Rofotsez

. Revised 1 June 2021. No more gold grains nonsense, everything in the open now.

Short samples, and full tracks.

La nepovado kompreni

The title is in Esperanto, and means "the lasting unability to understand". I wrote it in the year 1981, and meanwhile I do understand only too well. But the music stays the same.
There are three different mixes of this piece. One is the original 1981 version for a single Spanish guitar. Here is a short sample (77 kB), and this is the full recording. (The cheap guitar it was played on has some weird production error, as a result of which unfortunately it is always slightly out of tune in the higher registers.)

The other two mixes have an extra guitar part, added in 2001. The only difference between them is the mapping of the recorded guitar channels to the stereo channels. Here they are:  1  and  2 .

Can’t skip the pain

No comment on the title. Played in 1991, then written in 1994. Here is a small sample (165 kB), and another one here (101 kB).

This is the full track (3.7 MB, 3:49).

Romance anonyme

Short sample, 65 kB. This is the well-known piece. Anonymous, as the title implies. This is the full version (2.8 MB, 2:52).

I must have a more sophisticated arrangement lying about somewhere, that I wrote years ago. I may look it up again some day, practice it, and record it too.

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