Simple HTML and CSS


Many people think HTML is difficult, so difficult you need special programs to make web pages. From looking at the underlying code of some pages on the web this seems to be true: They often begin with long series of Javascript (see also) functions, that perhaps will also be called somewhere. Pages made with Microsoft Word, version 2000 and above, contain complicated XML without any clear necessity. They also use CSS, which is wise, but not if it is done as inefficient and messy as Microsoft does it.

Yet it is quite possible to build a site with only part of the features of HTML, without Javascript, without XML, and with CSS, but then using CSS the way it was meant to be used. Such a site can contain pictures, hyperlinks, both as text and as pictures, a nice presentation, colours, various fonts and font sizes; and the only tools needed are a simple text editor and any browser program.

Here you can read the views of someone of like mind.


My intention is to show what can be achieved with only these humble means. The simplicity keeps the HTML easy to read and learn, and simple to maintain without special tools. You can download a copy of the HTML files here. They are packed together in a single Zip file, so you can unpack them to your own computer using WinZip or PkZip or WinRar. You can look at the HTML code in a text editor (e.g. NotePad), while viewing the result in a browser.

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