Evaluation of DVX – Program crashes when counting is interrupted


Start DVX, open an existing project. (An example in which the problem is reproducible is available internally, but not for public download). Go to Tools/Word count, or press Ctrl-W.

Press Calculate (button in the left of the screen), and while the word count is in progress, press the Cancel button (in the right part of the screen).

This causes the program to crash, with the following message:

dvxUI has encountered a problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Module : frmStatistics Procedure : btnCalculate_Click Line Number: 608 Object variable or With block variable not set (91)

After pressing OK, DVX is terminated.


The problem can easily be avoided, simply by letting the calculation continue until finished.

Therefore the bug isn't severe.


I found the problem in DVX version 7.5.303.