Always run depmod!

This happened to me twice this year already, once the very first day of the year, the second time yesterday: Linux Mint 18.3 wouldn’t boot. It entered some emergency or maintenance mode. The recommendation was to run journalctl -xb, which didn’t make it clear to me what was the cause of the trouble.

That first time I finally found a thread in Ask Ubuntu, of which I ignored most, but I did try running what was mentioned there as a simple measure which in hindsight might have sufficed: depmod. And that solved the problem for me, although it remains a mystery why and how.

And yesterday, again that was the solution.

Sylvia 18.3 is of course rather old. Current is now Ulyssa 20.1. I don’t know how relevant this is for that version. But if anything goes wrong, it is always worth trying this depmod first.