A Twitter thread about Azov

I don’t know if this is accurate and true (although I said differently in Dutch), but at least it looks plausible to me, for being so detailed: a thread (44 tweets!) by Igor Schatz (@Copernicus2013). This is the last tweet of the thread. About the Azov regiment (2022) and the Azov battalion (2014).

See also the thread unroll by the Threadreader App.

Update 6 June 2022

A comment in Facebook, ==> Raam op Rusland, A short history of Azov and Ukrainian fascism, by Ivan Gomza, 16 April 2022.

Another comment, ==> Ros Atkins, ==> the BBC, “9 mins on the untruths and distortions that Russia is spreading about 'Nazis' in Ukraine - including about the role of the Azov regiment of Ukraine’s National Guard.”