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Seven restrictions to money creation 13096
Support? Seven restrictions to money creation 22 May 2017 Introduction People often worry about ... r parties than banks. Central banks can discourage credits, and thereby try to decrease the money supply, by ... ther direction, lower interest rates may stimulate credits and enlarge the money supply. Credit granting alwa ... ting. Equity capital can also serve as funding for credits. If investors are less willing to buy new bank sha ... - [detail] - [similar]
Monthly salary tides 12243
Support? Monthly salary tides 25 July 2012 Safety first In the previous chapter I showed that fu ... runs. That's because in full reserve banking, all credits are funded by long-term deposits. So sudden, large ... may use long money, but also short money, to grant credits. That means in the above example, the massive mone ... he position of banks. After pay-day, the amount of credits banks have granted is still roughly the same as be ... h of month). In full reserve banking, all of those credits must instead be financed using long money, that is ... - [detail] - [similar]
Principe de la comptabilité 10240
Principe de la comptabilité Débit et crédit Le cœur de la comptabilité, c'est le bilan. Le bilan ... et des comptes bancaires. Exemples de dettes : des crédits bancaires, des créanciers, une TVA à verser, des p ... de la comptabilité de la banque. Les débits et les crédits y sont dès lors inversés : ce qui pour la banque r ... ) Allemand En allemand, le débit se dit Soll et le crédit se dit Haben. Ça semble étrange, car débit signifie ... - [detail] - [similar]
Is interest theft? 9091
Support? Is interest theft? 13 and 15 July 2012 Renting money If you rent a car, it means the re ... her interest rates. In spite of granting far fewer credits, banks would probably still earn about as much int ... . In all cases, the money a bank uses to grant any credits, was first deposited in that bank by some other cl ... - [detail] - [similar]
Less money? 8533
Support? Less money? 20 October 2012 What if money creation is limited? In article no. 4 , I wro ... her interest rates. In spite of granting far fewer credits, banks would probably still earn about as much int ... - [detail] - [similar]
Trust 8237
Support? Trust 20–21 October 2012 Wikipedia In Wikipedia, the Dutch article about fiduciair geld ... t in assets (debits, left side) as in liabilities (credits, right side). The European Central Bank publishes ... - [detail] - [similar]
Capital requirement (I) 8237
Support? Capital requirement (I) Idea 3 August, text 21 August 2012 Basel Accords So far, for th ... rticle, part 8), limit a bank's potential to grant credits. But each requirement works in a different directi ... ge of the bank's account holders' demand deposits (credit side, right side of the balance sheet) must be pres ... present as the total of Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital (credit side, right side of the balance sheet). Next See al ... - [detail] - [similar]
Principle of accounting 7959
Principle of accounting Debit and credit The balance sheet is at the centre of bookkeeping. The ... ebtors or banks. Examples of liabilities are: bank credits , creditors (accounts payable), VAT (value added t ... with respect to its owner. That's why it is at the credit side of the balance sheet. The total of all the deb ... ntually, they will reduce equity. Equity is on the credit side, so a reduction of equity is debit. Revenues a ... ntually they will enlarge equity. Equity is on the credit side, so enlarging it is credit. The balance of rev ... - [detail] - [similar]
Unlimited money creation? 7959
Support? Unlimited money creation? 5–6 July 2012 Limited by reserve requirement In the first sec ... y creation that can take place as a result of bank credits. This means that the theoretical , calculated limi ... - [detail] - [similar]
Interest and stability (IV) 7959
Support? Interest and stability (IV) Text 25 August, 27–29 September and 1–2 October 2012 Introd ... ltimately debt, because it was created by granting credits, either by a central bank, or, through a multiplic ... positive and negative amounts. I prefer debits and credits, following the double-entry bookkeeping system des ... - [detail] - [similar]
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