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Uvular and lingual 'double' r 11228
Note 6: Uvular and lingual ‘double' r The terms double and single refer to the fact that the ‘do ... se the two sounds can easily occur in a same word: correr (run), morrerei © , barreiro (barrier), regra (rul ... llowing: (see also the present tense of verbs like correr ) erra (he is mistaken) era (he was) ferro (iron) ... - [detail] - [similar]
Personagens (opmerkingen van vertaler) 7485
Personagens (opmerkingen van vertaler) 25 november 2011 Inleiding Ik geef hier overwegingen, ver ... ut loopt', dat had ook nog gekund, met letterlijk “correr” = ‘lopen, rennen' erin. Maar ik denk niet dat dat ... - [detail] - [similar]
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