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MacWord annoyances, by Cathy Flick 11726
Starting point of the hosting website A related article by webmaster R. Harmsen. MacWord annoyan ... lete rows and tables, resize columns, merge cells, copying rows or columns into other tables, etc. At the ... even mess up the simple operations of resizing and copying rows and tables. Every time I touch a table wit ... especially like to resize when I'm just trying to copy-and-paste something. I suppose the developers thou ... me. There is also something very strange about the copy routine - I was working on one assignment where I ... - [detail] - [similar]
Open brief aan Transword, Arnhem, over het Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek op CD... 11409
Aan: Transword Translation Software Leemansweg 1a Postbus 2073 6802 CB Arnhem 17 januari 1999 Ge ... erwerker met "drag en drop" is niet mogelijk. Voor Copy en Paste (Kopiëren en Plakken) worden wel de snelt ... itgevoerd, die in alle andere Windows-applicaties "Copy" (in het Nederlands "Kopiëren") heet, wat ook over ... met vertalingen wordt zo echter niet bereikt, wat Copy&Paste zonder muis extra moeilijk maakt. Het zou mo ... mt. Dit lijkt een fout in de achterliggende index. Copyright © 1999 by R.Harmsen. Up Top ... - [detail] - [similar]
Automatic site index 11409
Automatic site index 26 October 2011 Up-to-date From now on the site index will be generated aut ... directly on the web server instead of on my local copy of the content files. Of course I use crontab for ... I moved an intermediate working file from my local copy of the site to the Unix (FreeBSD) server, and back ... - [detail] - [similar]
Defend 10425
Defend 21 June 2013 A tweet yesterday , that sums it all up nicely, so I copy it to the site: “ ... ammerlijk (both in Dutch). Written by R. Harmsen , copyright © 2013. All rights reserved. This site's entr ... - [detail] - [similar]
Fixing a hole where the rain gets in 9441
Fixing a hole where the rain gets in 2 November 2014 Introduction The title of course is a quote ... the command mv a access_log , where a is a partial copy of the original log file, created by tail , the ne ... al log file. Instead, it gets those of the partial copy. What's more, what is usually felt as a delete act ... es an additional line. Meanwhile, I used wrimod to copy the most recent 400 files to a temp file, and then ... ing seen it before, in the late nineteen eighties. Copyright © 2014 by R. Harmsen, all rights reserved. So ... - [detail] - [similar]
RH's Personal Playlist 9441
History of this page Ontstaan van deze pagina Great pieces of music, detailed information Sanctu ... Mahavishnu Orchestra, CBS 32280 CB 211, 53. 1973; Copyright &Copy; 1972, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse. Guardian ... d From Latin Byrd, recorded 1962, Remastered 1973, Copyright © Milestone Records, 1973. Frédéric Chopin (1 ... does taste. A helpful fellow Chopin fan sent me a copy of the relevant page of the score. The point I mea ... ish for "Little Hands of Silver". This compilation Copyright © 1997 by R.Harmsen. Updated in 2007. Technic ... - [detail] - [similar]
Bilingual Interlingua grammar 9107
Iste introduction in interlingua Bilingual Interlingua grammar 5–9 April 2014 Origin In this dir ... ectory I publish a copy of this bilingual grammar (English and Interlingua ... ) of Interlingua. The copy is identical except that I corrected a lot of erro ... - [detail] - [similar]
Unicode search in Google 9107
Deze uitleg in het Nederlands Unicode search in Google 13 October 2001 I found that in Google it ... ts in different alphabets. What did succeed was to copy text from a browser or text processor, and then pa ... low are some examples to try it out with. Mark and copy a name from the left column, surf to Google , past ... e need for entities . See also A Unicode test page Copyright © 2001 by R. Harmsen Deze uitleg in het Neder ... - [detail] - [similar]
Simple HTML and CSS 8790
Simple HTML and CSS Motivation Many people think HTML is difficult, so difficult you need specia ... maintain without special tools. You can download a copy of the HTML files here . They are packed together ... - [detail] - [similar]
Eenvoudige HTML en CSS - entiteiten 8456
Terug naar begin van de uitleg Eenvoudige HTML en CSS Entiteiten Soms is het nodig een tag in de ... ring Teken &amp; & &quot; " &lt; < &gt; > &reg; ® &copy; © &shy; Aanduiding mogelijke woordafbreking &uuml ... - [detail] - [similar]
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