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Notes to Vzajku (content) 11711
Copyright 2013, R. Harmsen, all rights reserved. Languages Contents Introduction Notes to Vzajku ... ards full atheism. I am still amazed about how the complexity we see around us could have developed from basic p ... - [detail] - [similar]
God’s inheritance 10810
Languages Contents Introduction 2 July 1988 1. God's inheritance God does exist . Nature is so m ... er, or energy was transformed into matter, but the complexity of chemical elements, star systems, stars, planets ... - [detail] - [similar]
Why cookies? 9008
Why cookies? 9 December 2012 What are cookies? I won't tell you right now. That's because it's c ... ived, into what to get to see on your screen. More complexity The whole procedure may seem complicated the way I ... - [detail] - [similar]
Simple HTML and CSS - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 7206
Simple HTML and CSS CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Originally, HTML was meant to structure a text, ... no need to repeat it. That saves room, and limits complexity and interpretation effort for the browser. Microso ... - [detail] - [similar]
So he went – Chapter 1 7206
Writings menu Introduction Chapter 1 (previous page) Copyright © 1983-1992 by Rofotsez Chapter 1 ... ally understand themselves, because of their inner complexity and contradictions. It's all a bit beyond my scope ... - [detail] - [similar]
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