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Exotic entities 12445
Exotic entities 17–19 December 2014. Idea 16 December, problem first encountered 26 November Met ... Therefore I don't need &aacute (á), &agrave (à), &acirc (â) and &atilde (ã): those I type directly using t ... se of its u with breve and c, g, s, j and h with a circumflex. An old workaround is to write ‘ch' for ‘ĉ' ... ch better. Last year I experimentally found that ĉ etc worked to make a ĉ, and that ŭ renders ... o replace all the better readable occurrences of ŝ for ĉ with the ugly and hard-to-understand &#x109 ... - [detail] - [similar]
Querer con patronos 8173
Querer con patronos Tabula de materias Que es isto? Isto es un modo de empleo pro un facilitate ... es confortabile deber manualmente typar le accento circumflexe (^) al initio del texto de cerca. Primo, on ... i como clave morte pro poter facer le litteras con circumflexo: â, ê, î, ô e û. Por isto, pro facer un ^ s ... ion “Solo entratas”. Si le quadrato es marcate, le circumflexo es automaticamente addite al initio del tex ... io. Qual esseva le nomine del symbolo ‘^'? Accento circonflex, circumflexe, circomflexa? In que linguas? S ... - [detail] - [similar]
Zoeken met patronen 8173
Zoeken met patronen 15–17 december 2015, eigen vertaling van mijn eigen tekst in het Interlingua ... 's) Het is niet handig steeds handmatig dat accent circonflexe (^) voor het zoekwoord te moeten typen. Ten ... mputers, dient de ^ als dead key om tekens met een circonflexe te kunnen maken: â, ê, î, ô en û. Daardoor ... atas ”. Als dit keuzevakje is aangevinkt, wordt de circonflexe vanzelf voor de zoektekst gezet, als die er ... Wat was ook weer naam van het teken ‘^'? Accent(o) circonflex, circumflexe, circomflexa? In welke talen? I ... - [detail] - [similar]
Pattern searching 8173
Pattern searching 7–17 March 2020, translated from Interlingua by the author. Table of contents ... tas) It isn't comfortable if you have to type that circumflex accent (^) at the start of the search text b ... n the Netherlands, ^ is a dead key, used to create circumflexed letters like â, ê, î, ô and û. Therefore, ... ” (Lemmas only). If this checkbox is checked, the circumflex accent is automatically put before the searc ... nary. What was the name of the symbol ‘^'? Accento circonflex, circumflexe, circomflexa ? In what language ... - [detail] - [similar]
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