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CMI, and then? 10808
Support? CMI, and then? Idea 28 August, rough draft 29 August, finished 5 and 7 September 2013 I ... nd want to pay with part of a promise to have 2000 chickens delivered. That was the situation in Mike Montagn ... discussed in the previous article . How much is a chicken worth and how many chickens must be promised, to c ... g that question requires detailed knowledge of the chicken market. The next customer in the queue will want t ... o pay with a promise of something else than chickens, so the required value assessment requires insigh ... - [detail] - [similar]
Pay with a promise? 10398
Support? Pay with a promise? 24–28 August 2013 Introduction On earlier occasions too, I transcri ... ull: “ [...] you might have a man who raises fowl, chickens, and another man raises feed. And the man who rai ... t least once. OK, it doesn't matter, one man grows chicken feed and the other raises fowl, that much is clear ... in the parable Mike put himself in the role of the chicken farmer. Text vs. voice Mike Montagne seems to like ... nts a two-sided (bilateral) delivery contract: the chicken feed grower promises to deliver chicken feed, and ... - [detail] - [similar]
Different words in Spanish and Portuguese 6678
Different words in Spanish and Portuguese First release 14 October 2006, plus many later additio ... e act of falling) película filme film pollo frango chicken botella garrafa, botelha bottle Spanish word Portu ... - [detail] - [similar]
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