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The king and the soldier 11228
Support? The king and the soldier 29 October 2017, translated from Dutch by the author, using De ... ity will eventually go to zero. The prince will go bankrupt. Now the same story but involving banknotes, so wi ... nditure, will become negative, which in fact means bankruptcy. Measures It will not really happen that a princ ... e, a king, even an entire country, will go bankrupt. It is always possible to levy more tax. If at lea ... hat causes revaluation proceeds, which avert state bankruptcy. This is only possible if the state or sovereign ... - [detail] - [similar]
Zero-coupon perpetual bonds? 7485
Support? Zero-coupon perpetual bonds? May and June 2015 ( details ) Summary The British organisa ... nately is zero. After that, the choices are: going bankrupt (negative equity), or recognising that the corresp ... - [detail] - [similar]
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