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Seigniorage (2) 12534
Support? Seigniorage (2) 28 June 2016, translated from Dutch by the author Introduction This art ... ately, but also after consolidating: combining the balance sheets, adding the numbers of like-named accounts, ... striking what is exactly compensated by the other balance sheet. Situations Government intends to issue gove ... ension fund. Hereafter to be called: investor. 1A. Balance sheet of the government For simplicity we assume t ... his is all zeroes. 1B. Balance sheet of central bank Description Debit (assets) C ... - [detail] - [similar]
Principle of accounting 10962
Principle of accounting Debit and credit The balance sheet is at the centre of bookkeeping. The ... s what a company owns and owes. The entries on the balance sheet are general ledger accounts, or in a somewha ... d liabilities. Thus it is possible to create a new balance sheet after some time, for example after a posting ... what the company owns) are at the left side of the balance sheet. These are the debit entries. Liabilities (w ... hat the company owes) are at right side of the balance sheet. Examples of assets are: buildings, machiner ... - [detail] - [similar]
Bank buys all public debt for free? 10279
Support? Bank buys all public debt for free? 7 and 8 April 2016, translated from Dutch by the au ... s government bonds from non-bank Always those bank balance sheets again. But they are necessary. Without them ... clear than the older ones. This article does have balance sheets. For the buying bank I assume the following ... loans 100 Savings and transaction accounts 100 The balance sheet of the bank where the current owner of the g ... ver the details are, the result is that the bank's balance with the central bank changes from 10 to 9 million ... - [detail] - [similar]
Applying double-entry bookkeeping 10086
Support? Applying double-entry bookkeeping 24 October 2017 Introduction Four of my earlier artic ... llars', or ‘part of my claim on the bank (i.e. the balance in my bank account) worth 10 dollars'. So the valu ... rty in a transaction has its own books and its own balance sheet. It isn't right to add items for one balance ... ch a system where logically A and B each have zero balance, it becomes clear that there is no such transfer o ... e goods, and A must own money. So their simplified balance sheets, just showing these items and equity, and a ... - [detail] - [similar]
Do banks relend interest? 9894
Support? Do banks relend interest? Idea 7 August 2013, elaboration 27 October 2013 and 6–8 Febru ... banknote. The only difference between that and the balance on a bank account, is that bank accounts are held ... e position, and often change claimant, in a bank's balance sheet and income statement (the latter also known ... are at the right side (credit side) of the bank's balance sheet / income statement. Depositor receives inter ... are at the right side (credit side) of the bank's balance sheet. Net profit appropriation By the end of the ... - [detail] - [similar]
Seigniorage (1) 9790
Support? Seigniorage (1) 27 June and 1, 2 and 4 July 2016, translated from Dutch by the author T ... ns? Suppose that the initial, very much simplified balance sheet contains only base metals, machines and equi ... eep things simple I disregard those costs. The new balance sheet and income statement after minting the coins ... t has now turned into coins, is at the left of the balance sheet, being belongings. The yield of striking the ... costs can be kept under control. If in the example balance sheets of the previous chapter, we replace the met ... - [detail] - [similar]
Free money for US government? 9552
Support? Free money for US government? Writing history of this article Introduction There's an o ... e on his own post, and this one . I'll look at the balance sheets of respective parties involved in the trans ... t to have a starting point for what follows. Fed's balance sheet: Description Debit (assets) Credit (liabilit ... ry's account 1 000 Capital 8 000 Commercial bank's balance sheet: Description Debit (assets) Credit (liabilit ... ounts are expressed in thousands of dollars: Fed's balance sheet: Description Debit (assets) Credit (liabilit ... - [detail] - [similar]
On-lending centrally created money 9404
Support? On-lending centrally created money 8 and 10 June 2015 Introduction This is the elaborat ... ant the money to the government (by increasing the balance of the Central Government Account). The government ... of a non-central bank is at the debit side of its balance sheet, representing a claim on the central bank. C ... t resides at the credit side of the central bank's balance sheet, representing a liability of the central ban ... s no longer relevant. Of course the central bank's balance sheet must always remain balanced. So to compensat ... - [detail] - [similar]
Self-funding 9152
Support? Self-funding Idea 31 July – 1 August, text 1–3 August 2012 Learning by explaining When ... luables like gold. That is why in a central bank's balance sheet (I'm linking to a German Wikipedia page here ... a commercial bank as a loan. On the central bank's balance sheet, that means an extra amount at the credit si ... ter step 1 in my first article. This is the bank's balance sheet: Description Debit (assets) Credit (liabilit ... ake payments by money transfer. That leads to this balance sheet situation: Description Debit (assets) Credit ... - [detail] - [similar]
Your neighbour's money 9063
Support? Your neighbour's money 13 and 19 March 2016, translated from Dutch by the author Introd ... y add the same amount to the left and right of the balance sheet to effectively book a loan – is that really ... ifference is the physical form: banknotes versus a balance recorded in a computer. In the electronic example ... e bank's books affected only the debit side of the balance sheet: assets in the form of some banknotes change ... at the time of the electronic deposit: the bank's balance at the central bank decreases. Now too, changes on ... - [detail] - [similar]
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