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Hind Laroussi 12205
Hind Hind Laroussi Tahiri was one of the 2002 finalists in the Dutch version of Pop Idols / Amer ... r fado singers than just Dulce Pontes. It would be amusing if Hind were among the first non-Portugese singers ... - [detail] - [similar]
Great-circle navigation 8820
Great-circle navigation Strange but true: if you keep flying to the west from the Netherlands, y ... ell south of the South Shetland Islands. It‘s also amusing to go almost straight north. Close to the north po ... - [detail] - [similar]
Al-Cercthe 8820
Al-Cercthe Happened 8 February, halfway wrote it 9 February, completed 10 February 2012 Pastime ... with a high vowel, [u]. I find such things funny, amusing and fascinating. If you don't, I can quite underst ... - [detail] - [similar]
Grep -v? No, -L! 7119
Grep -v? No, -L! 6 and 7 March 2013, my own translation of the Dutch original Promotion My lates ... ours through crontab , or on demand if I deem that amusing or necessary, searches all the HTML files of the w ... - [detail] - [similar]
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