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Is Flemish a language? 10000
Is Flemish a language? 11 and 12 March 2011 Introduction Clients unfamiliar with the Dutch language sometimes ask me if I also offer translations into Flemish. The short answer is: yes. But there is a lot more to be said about the issue. On 19 February 2011 I took the trouble, in respons ... - [detail] - [similar]
Internet radio streams 5370
Internet radio transmissions (streams) International stations and station lists Shoutcast: MP3 Winamp stations all over the world Radio stations in Europe Classical music stations Surf music Stations that broadcast in Portuguese Stations that broadcast in Galician Stations that broadcast ... - [detail] - [similar]
The Dutch 'letter' IJ 3508
Deze uitleg in het Nederlands The Dutch ‘letter' IJ 23 October 2001 The Dutch alphabet (equally for the Netherlands and Belgium; there is only one standard language and one alphabet) has 26 letters. The last three are x, y, z. In many Dutch primary schools they are taught as x ij z, and ... - [detail] - [similar]
Links to Portuguese and Galician dialect samples 3374
Links to Portuguese and Galician dialect samples Comparison between Galician, North Portuguese and Brazilian pronunciations of the same sayings. Galician dialects from the West, East and center of Galicia. Dialects from various regions of Portugal . What struck me here that the dialects ... - [detail] - [similar]
Labio-dentals in Dutch 3076
Labio-dentals in Dutch Dutch is unique (no, it's not !) in having three different labio-dental sounds, which differ only in their degree of voicedness vs. friction: voiceless f, voiced v (not very voiced, but more than f), and very voiced approximant w. The three-fold distinction is not ... - [detail] - [similar]
Sotaque do norte? 2745
Note 22: Sotaque do norte It seems the pronunciation of Portuguese in Portugal is quite uniform. There are few dialects and accents. Of course Mirando do Douro is a special case: it doesn't belong to Portuguese, but to Asturian-Leonese, the national border doesn't strictly follow the lan ... - [detail] - [similar]
Overzealous foreign pronunciation 2745
Overzealous foreign pronunciation Dutch original 30 March 2011, English translation 28 August 2011 Overdoing it can be wrong Sometimes people are trying too hard. Doing what? Pronouncing foreign names. Perhaps it is my fault, because if anyone does it wrong I start complaining about it r ... - [detail] - [similar]
Iony? 2745
Iony? 5 January 2013 Movies These days, Dutch broadcast organisation MAX is offering (well, no, it was) a series of classic films on our TV screens: High Society (1956) (31 December 2012), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) (2 January 2013), Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) (4 Januar ... - [detail] - [similar]
Word formation mechanisms in Esperanto – Introduction 2670
8 and 9 April 2007 Word formation mechanisms in Esperanto – Introduction How? I vaguely remembered there must be an older Esperanto pre-version of the first pages of this English attempt , so I looked it up in order to publish that too. I didn't find it, but instead found a 1989 manuscri ... - [detail] - [similar]
De 'zachte' g 2573
De ‘zachte' g (different kinds of ch-sounds in Dutch) The notion of ‘zachte g' (literally ‘soft g') is often used in a confusing way in discussions about Dutch pronunciation. It usually refers to a north-south divide, where Dutch-speaking Belgium and the Dutch provinces Noord-Brabant and ... - [detail] - [similar]
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