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Csókolom (1) (em português) 10000
Csókolom Os Csókolom são quatro músicos, que tocam música rural de Hungria e Roménia, canções ciganas, valsas "musette" de França etc., tudo isto arranjada por Anti von Klewitz. Tocam entre outros a dança em que Bartók Béla baseou o seu terceira dança popular romena, num arranjo diferent ... - [detail] - [similar]
Csókolom (2) (em português) 5872
Csókolom Csókolom: novo CD Ludo Luda No dia 12 Outubro de 2001 assisti a um concerto em Amesterdão aquando do lançamento do novo disco de Csókolom, intitulado "Ludo Luda ~ Fools Fancy". Como o prévio, este CD foi publicado por Arhoolie Productions. (Veja também ). A representação ... - [detail] - [similar]
Csókolom (1) (auf deutsch) 5752
Csókolom Csókolom ist eine Gruppe von vier Musikern, die ungarische und rumänische Dorfmusik, Zigeunerlieder, französische Musettewalzer usw. spielen, alles arrangiert von Anti von Klewitz. Sie spielen unter anderen den Tanz auf den Bartók Béla seinen dritten Rumänischen Volkstanz basier ... - [detail] - [similar]
Csókolom (1) (in English) 5752
Csókolom Csókolom is a group of four musicians, who play Hungarian and Romanian village music, Gypsy songs, French musette waltzes etc., all arranged by Anti von Klewitz. Among other things, they play the dance that Bartók Béla based his 3rd Romanian folkdance on, in a different, more or ... - [detail] - [similar]
Csókolom (1) (in het Nederlands) 5750
Csókolom Csókolom is een groep van vier musici, die Hongaarse en Roemeense dorpsmuziek, Zigeunerliederen, Franse musettewalsen enz. spelen, alles gearrangeerd door Anti von Klewitz. Ze spelen onder andere de dans waar Bartók Béla zijn Derde Roemeense Volkdans op baseerde, in een ander, o ... - [detail] - [similar]
What was new in 2008 5520
What was new in 2008 (lang=en) 25 December 2008 Proposal: AutoJoin (lang=en) 15 December 2008 Conversion of mixed UTF8 and ISO-8859-1/CP1252 (lang=en) 30 November, 2, 21 & 24 December 2008 Software review of Deja Vu X This is the start of a work in progress. (lang=en) 25 November 2008: I ... - [detail] - [similar]
Csókolom (2) (in English) 5520
Csókolom Csókolom: new CD Ludo Luda On October 12th, 2001 I attended a performance in Amsterdam at the occasion of the release of Csókolom's new CD entitled "Ludo Luda ~ Fools Fancy". Like the previous one, this CD was released by Arhoolie Productions. (See also ). The gig took p ... - [detail] - [similar]
Unsymmetrical times 5520
Addendum Unsymmetrical times Music from south-eastern Europe often uses times that differ from our all too familiar three-four time waltzes and common time marches. An interesting example is on the soundtrack of the film Gadjo Dilo, track 5, "Mama Me" , sung and played by Adrian Simeones ... - [detail] - [similar]
What was new in 2001 5520
What was new in 2001 (lang=en) 30 & 31 December 2001: Applied CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for page formatting in several pages (lang=en) 23 November 2001: English summary of Slauerhoff/Cristina Branco criticism (lang=nl) 22 november 2001: Srebrenica nu wel goed uitgesproken! (lang=en) 3 ... - [detail] - [similar]
Csókolom (2) (auf deutsch) 5520
Csókolom Csókolom: neue CD Ludo Luda Am 12. Oktober 2001 wohnte ich in Amsterdam der Aufführung bei zu Gelegenheit der Erscheinung der neuen Csókolom-CD mit dem Titel "Ludo Luda ~ Fools Fancy". Wie beim vorigen Mal wurde auch diese CD herausgebracht von Arhoolie Productions. (Siehe auch ... - [detail] - [similar]
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