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Privacy statement R. Harmsen 10000
Privacy statement R. Harmsen 21–22 May 2018, translated from Dutch by the author. See also my previous 2013 Privacy Statement . 1 Definitions 1.1 ‘I', ‘me', ‘my', ‘mine' The Processor of personal data. 1.2 ‘Processor' I, Ruud Harmsen, am the Processor, being the webmaster of the Website, ... - [detail] - [similar]
Terra poderosa -- The writing of 2892
Terra poderosa 27 May 2010 The making of The article Terra poderosa (“Powerful earth”) I wrote as a homework exercise for the online Portuguese lessons given to me by Cristina Vasconcelos . The article links the 2010 BP oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico to the volcanic origin of the Azore ... - [detail] - [similar]
DVX cannot export Word file, or Word cannot open RTF file exported by DVX 2836
DVX cannot export Word file, or Word cannot open RTF file exported by DVX Introduction This is a detail file belonging to this error report about Deja Vu X 7.5.303, which resulted in an RTF file that various Word versions could not open. This page is about the cryptic, or rather: downrig ... - [detail] - [similar]
Un vice; non del toto 2703
Un vice; non del toto Ideas: le 26, 28 e 29 de augusto 2015, le 7 de novembre 2015 e le 19 de maio 2016. Texto: le 17–22 septembre 2016 Plural solo un vice indicate Linguas romance In linguas romance, le plural es normalmente indicate in tote le membros de un gruppo de parolas, de un con ... - [detail] - [similar], short menu 2703
Colours: Neutral Weird Reload, short menu Front door Business Personal What's new RSS - XML Site views Site menu Site map Site index Search Webmaster ... - [detail] - [similar], long menu 2703
Colours: Neutral Weird Reload Topics: General Language Music Opinion World Site General Search / zoeken Webmaster Privacy statement Privacyverklaring Language Language Phonetics Etymology Interlingua Portugal Arabic Writings Music Music matters Fado Tango My own music CD store ... - [detail] - [similar]
Traducer Le hora (1) 2703
Traducer Le hora (1) Le 9–10 de april, le 1–4 de septembre 2018; correction le 9 de september. Menu de commentarios. Historia de mi interesse Ja in junio de 2006 io legeva le conto “A hora do Diabo” (“ Le hora del Diabolo ”) de Fernando Pessoa, in un traduction nederlandese de August Wil ... - [detail] - [similar]
What was new in 2006 2343
What was new in 2006 (lang=nl) 21 december 2006: Groot Dictee 2006 (lang=nl) 19 december 2006: Het voortschrijden der tijd (lang=nl) 19 december 2006: Officier legt aangifte tegen zichzelf terzijde Een open brief aan de Tweede Kamer. (lang=nl) 17 december 2006: Een overledene meteen op d ... - [detail] - [similar]
Storage of gender information in native speakers' brains 2302
Storage of gender information in native speakers' brains 18 November 2006 Native speakers of a language with genders don't have to look up that information in a dictionary. They just know the correct gender of any word and apply it automatically to what they say or write. Sometimes a wor ... - [detail] - [similar]
Privacyverklaring R. Harmsen 2300
Privacyverklaring R. Harmsen 16–21 mei 2018. Zie ook de vorige Privacyverklaring uit 2013. 1 Begrippen 1.1 ‘Ik', ‘mij', ‘mijn' De Verwerkingsverantwoordelijke van persoonsgegevens. 1.2 ‘Verwerkingsverantwoordelijke' De Verwerkingsverantwoordelijke ben ik, Ruud Harmsen, als webmaster van ... - [detail] - [similar]
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