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What is money? 10000
What is money? Text 1–5 and 9–11 October 2012. Ideas 25 and 27 September and 5/6 October. Monetary money vs. everyday money Familiar Most people are familiar with money from early childhood. So they know what money is and understand how it works. When they read about money creation and m ... - [detail] - [similar]
Same document, different interpretation 5738
Same document, different interpretation 1 August 2013 Diametrically opposed In this Dutch-language article I mentioned that in 2012, I was already well underway with this article series , when I still didn't know about MMM (Modern Money Mechanics). After I had taken my time (weeks, not d ... - [detail] - [similar]
Money out of thin air? 5710
Money out of thin air? 23–29 June 2012 Paradox Money creation does exist. And money creation does happen when a bank lends someone money. However, the bank doesn't create that money out of thin air. The money it hands over to the borrower, is actually money somebody else has put in the b ... - [detail] - [similar]
Your neighbour's money 5634
Your neighbour's money 13 and 19 March 2016, translated from Dutch by the author Introduction People think that when they borrow money from a bank, it is the neighbour's money they get (or somebody else's who lives in the same street, neighbourhood, city of country; but it's the basic id ... - [detail] - [similar]
Unlimited money creation? 5529
Unlimited money creation? 5–6 July 2012 Limited by reserve requirement In the first section I showed that money creation does exist, and that it happens when a bank grants a credit, using money that is in a demand deposit. However, that money is not created in the sense that it comes fro ... - [detail] - [similar]
Money as debt? Money as claims! 5367
Money as debt? Money as claims! Idea 27 September, text 21 October 2012 Inspiration The well-known video Money as Debt , made by Paul Grignon, was my inspiration for writing this series of articles , already in 2007. It lasted until June 2012 before I actually started writing – after fur ... - [detail] - [similar]
Trade money 5183
Trade money 19–21 March 2015 Real currency? Some people seem to believe that only coins and banknotes are real money, and bank balances are not. OK, coins are special in that they have some intrinsic value, a value of their own, because they are made of more or less precious metals like ... - [detail] - [similar]
Different definition, same system 5145
Different definition, same system 1 and 2 February 2018, my own translation of my August 2013 Dutch original , translated with the assistence of DeepL, followed by bilingual postediting . Introduction and scope On Ad Broere's website there is a short article “ Eind aan geldschepping door ... - [detail] - [similar]
Interest back into circulation 5111
Interest back into circulation 1 June 2013 Introduction On 29 May 2013, Mike Montagne revived a discussion of October last year. He commented on this remark I made: “ Interest is not a problem for the circulation, because interest paid to the bank returns to the economy." ” I now reply t ... - [detail] - [similar]
Bank buys all public debt for free? 4914
Bank buys all public debt for free? 7 and 8 April 2016, translated from Dutch by the author Introduction Thanks to money creation, can a bank buy the whole of the national debt, without any cost to them, just for free? Banks can create money themselves, right? That question was posed – i ... - [detail] - [similar]
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