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Portuguese dictionaries
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Portuguese dictionaries From the World Online Portuguese-Spanish dictionary. Very good at distinguishing shades of meaning, with examples and Spanish translations. So it may be useful even for those who don't know much Spanish. Travlang, Portuguese-English Dicionários Online , links to lots of online Portuguese glossaries and dictionaries. Portuguese food dictionary , part of this Lisbon tourist guide . Online dictionaries at (with the motto: Loving Languages). Portuguese-English Portuguese-German Portuguese-Spanish and many more , und viele andere , y muchas otras . PONS , a Polish-based online dictionary, which many source and target languages, including Portuguese. Contains pronunciation samples. From Portugal Academia das Ciências de Lisboa: Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa Contemporânea Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa Contemporânea This is the only Portuguese dictionary I know that gives full pronunciation info on all the words (not including conjugated verbs), including irregular plurals . See also (2009) Langenscheidt . (See also Editorial Verbo's pt>nl and nl>pt dictionaries.) Houaiss . Porto Editora : Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa (online word look-up; free subscription required) Paper versions Grande Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa (2004). Novo Dicionário Português-Inglês de Lello . Priberam: Dictionário Universal Língua Portuguesa (online word look-up; includes verb conjugations!) Priberam on CD-ROM Priberam: Dictionary of Cape Verdian Portuguese Notícias Editorial : Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa , Novos Dicionário, actualização Isabel Casanova. Dicionário aberto de calão e expressões idiomáticas (Open dictionary of slang/jargon/argot/patois and idiomatic expressions). Conversor de Grafemas para Fonemas para Português Europeu. Feito pelo Instituto Superior Técnico em Lisboa. From Galicia Dicionario da Real Academia Galega . An online unilingual dictionary of the Galician language. In the official spelling set up by the Real Academia Galega and the Instituto da Lingua Galega . Dicionário Electrónico Estraviz . Another online unilingual dictionary of the Galician language. This one uses the spelling (which is much closer to that of Portuguese) developed by AGAL (Associaçom Galega da Língua). Dicionario moderno inglés-galego . From Brazil Houaiss (background information), or buy it . New version, covering all lusophonic countries, in 6 volumes of 640 pages each: Houaiss . Aurélio (CD), Aurélio (Germany), Aurélio (more information), Aurélio (online word look-up; only for UOL users!) Michealis (online word look-up) Michealis, Aurélio, e outros Michealis Portuguese-English (online word look-up) BTS Global From Germany Langenscheidt Euro-Wörterbuch Portugiesisch, Portugiesisch – Deutsch / Deutsch – Portugiesisch New Edition (Neubearbeitung) 2009, by Ana M a Cortes Kollert, Dr. Charlotte Frei and Ekkehard Dengler. This dictionary states the pronunciation of all Portuguese entries, including irregular plurals and conjugations. Langenscheidt Taschenwörterbuch Portugiesisch , Portugiesisch – Deutsch / Deutsch – Portugiesisch, from 2011, by Ana M a Cortes Kollert, Kátia de Souza-Kirstein, Dr. Charlotte Frei, Ekkehard Dengler, Kristina Würz, Kaiser de Oliveira Barbosa. This dictionary too states the pronunciation of all Portuguese entries. From France Dicionário dos Portugueses de França , by Miguel Padeiro and Eduardo Pereira. The authors call this kind of Portuguese with French words mixed in “Frantuguês”. A compilation of seemingly Portuguese words, that are in fact loanwords from French, coined by Portuguese immigrants living in France. The dictionary itself can be downloaded from the site as a PDF document . From Belgium and the Netherlands Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen , SDU, Den Haag : Standaard woordenboek Nederlands-Portugees Standaard woordenboek Portugees-Nederlands, M. Baltazar, G. van Damme, W. Bossier (see also: SDU and Standaard break-up ) New edition, Het Spectrum; In de serie Prisma woordenboeken: Prisma woordenboek Portugees-Nederlands, by G. van Damme Prisma Nederlands-Portugees, by Willem Bossier (Note that this second set of Prisma dictionaries is a very different, much larger one than the above mentioned) Prisma groot woordenboek Portugees-Nederlands, by M. Celeste Augusto and Karolien van Eck . Prisma groot woordenboek Nederlands-Portugees, by M. Celeste Augusto and Karolien van Eck. More info: Woordenboek , The making of , Funding , Onze taal , 23 augustus 2018 / 16 april 2019: See also Vertaalwoordenschat . Van Dale Middelgroot Portugees: Miscellaneous Verb conjugations , of many languages including Portuguese . Here's another site about Portuguese dictionaries: Sobre sites - Pesquisa Escolar - Dicionários by Teresa Silva. (Off-topic for this page, for about English, German and Dutch, but interesting anyway): A hypertext dictionary based on Webster's 1913. Made accessible by Chris Knight . See also the more modern, but not autohyperlinking Merriam-Webster . And Dutch: Duden - Brockhaus This page compiled by R. Harmsen . Language menu Portugal menu This site's front door Colours: Neutral Weird No preference Reload Vostre annuncio ci? Your ad here? E-mail: usator: commercial, dominio: rudhar puncto com Linguas de correspondentia: nl, ia, en, de, pt ... - [detail] - [similar]
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