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Curriculum Vitae Ruud Harmsen Internet email: 1st and 2nd letter of first name, 1st and 2nd of last name World Wide Web: Date of birth: 8 March 1955 Nationality : NL Chamber of Commerce: Utrecht, Nederland, nr. 30126921 May 1995 - today: Free-lance Translator English->Dutch and German->Dutch. July 1995 - today: Translations English->Dutch, Dutch->English and German->Dutch. Via translation agencies in Belgium, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada. Technical manuals for paint spraying equipment, pumps and accessories. Technical manuals and training material for refrigeration equipment. Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Manual for electronic testing device. Press releases mobile telephony. Localisation presentation application (Windows & Macintosh). May 1995 - ca. July 2004: For KSI (now called Centric-KSI): Recurring maintanance and client-specific modifications to EB Plus and EB Bankstatement. Ported these MS-DOS applications to MS-Windows (32 bits), without rewriting them on the application level. Adapted the application so they could be used with the euro (transition period). Separated text strings from the sources, to enable translation to multiple languages. Enhanced import facilities of bank statement information from various banks (MT940, Belgian CODA-format, and many others). April 1, 1996 - August 30, 1996: Maintenance on a software system for mortgage presales. ING Bank Amsterdam. Microsoft C, MultiEdit, PVCS, Ghost. August 15, 1995 - October 31, 1995: Design of changes and enhancements to a system for electronic banking. ING Bank Amsterdam. Tools: MSWord 6.0, WordPerfect 5.1, MSAccess 2.0. May 1995 - August 1995: Platform: PCs, MSWindows Software: Borland C++ Object Windows (Borland) B-Tree Filer (TurboSoft) Application: Prototype of a program for automobile dealers. After specifications from, and in cooperation with, a partner in the USA. May 1990 to April 1995: Company: KSI Automatisering, IJsselstein, the Netherlands Platform: PCs, MSDos Software: C (Borland/Turbo C, Microsoft-C). Turbo Pascal 6.0 with Turbo Vision. C-Scape screen handling. DB-Vista network-database (now called RAIMA). MIX Database Toolchest. MKS (UNIX-tools for DOS). Polytron PVCS (version control system). Turbo Profiler. Bounds-Checker (by Nu-Mega). Ghost testing tool. Applications: (In C): TTI: Domestic and foreign payment requests. EB Plus: Matching of bankstatements with open items imported from finance applications. Interfaces to and from Dutch and Belgian systems for electronic banking. (In Pascal with Turbo Vision): Design calculations for evaporator installations for dairy and other industries. After an existing Basic-program, with redesigned user-interface for PC. Work: Technical design and realisation of interactive PC-applications, and maintenance on them. Completing and updating technical documentation. Restructuring existing software. Keep large programs working within MsDos's limited memory space. Systematic testing. Version control on a large piece of software (nearly 500 modules, over 150 thousand lines-of-code, almost half of which are comments). October 1985 to April 1990: Company : Nixdorf Computer, Vianen, the Netherlands (at times also in Paderborn, Berlin and Munich, Germany) Platform: TARGON 35 Minicomputer, UNIX System V Software: UNIX tools (sh, sed, awk, grep, make etc.) C (also lex, yacc) Modula-2 4th generation system X/SDE Relational databaseDDB/4, SQL Applications: International finance system (later known as ALX). Work: Technical design, programming, some system management. Specifying and evaluating a 4GL environment under development. Defining programming standards. Taking part in international orkgroups. Language skills: German and English, both spoken and written. Built some software development aids, based on C and UNIX tools, such as: Crossreference on multiple source files and programs. Bulletin board based on mailx (including an auxiliary program in C to be able to use UNIX's setuid facility). Generation of "umlauts" in German texts. Program to find sparse files (files with holes in them) and fix them. Beautifier for Modula-2 (written in C and lex). Networkplanning, with grafical printer-interface using UNIX's "pic" and "troff". Program to run a demo with screen output on multiple terminals (with automatically transferred ioctl's). Shell-script for installation of software-components by multiple developers into a common library of modules. October 1982 to September 1985: Company: RAET in Arnhem, the Netherlands. B) July 1983 to September 1985 Platform: HP-3000 Minicomputer Software: Cobol KSAM (indexed sequential) Powerhouse products Quiz (report generator) Quick (screens generator) Applications: Stock, purchase and sales system for a timber-trade company. Registration system for pig-breeding company. Work: Technical design Testing COBOL programming A) October 1982 to June 1983 Hardware: Amdahl mainframe Software: Cullinet products (later Cullinane): ADS (development tool for screen applications), IDD (datadictionary) IDMS (network database) Applications: Land registry system for "waterschappen" (polder districts). Real estate registry and OGB (a tax comparable to UK poll tax) for municipalities. Work: Testing. Writing of user manual. Technical design. October 1980 to September 1982: Company: Rabobank Nederland, Zeist, the Netherlands. Platform: IBM mainframe Software: TSO-SPF, JCL Application: Current accounts system. Work: Analysis of proposed modifications and consequences thereof, update design documents accordingly, enhance documentation. Interface the current accounts system with a system for interest, provision, and cost for business clients, bearing in mind "number fixation" (an account-holder can move to a different bank, but keep their account number, with a transitional period), and mergers between banks. The Rabobank is a cooperation of many different, strictly independent, banks). January 1980 to September 1980: Internal training as systems-analist at Rabobank Nederland in Utrecht. Several IBM-courses, and AMBI-modules I1, I2, T1, B1, B2, S1 en S2, among other things. Trial project: course administration, on a DEC-20 systeem, in Basic. September 1978 to December 1979: Military Service (Signal Service) 1974-1978: Electrotechnics at the HTS (higher vocational school) in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 1967-1974: Atheneum-B Voordeur van deze website ... - [detail] - [similar]
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