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#keywords: scripts (10139), ρουδαρ (7882), رُ (7748), َر (7748), shortening (7558), anybrowser (7498), affiliation (7380), powered (7268), icelandic (7159), verified (7107), logos (6721), aspirated (6721), devanagari (6425), disclaimer (6386), rendered (6347), religious (5771), interpreted (5742), produces (5246), supported (5112), political (4573), domain (4541), freebsd (4265), background (4162), requires (4077), running (4019), derived (3623), indicate (2950), combination (2512), understand (2489), arabic (2349), unicode (2254), language (2245)
رُذَر ruðar ρουδαρ رُدْهَر रुधर् This site powered by (a VPS with 1024 MB, 20 GB, 0.8 x 2.4 Ghz) running FreeBSD 11.3 and Apache 2.4. Site's front door Disclaimer: The use of non-Latin scripts in logos above does not indicate any kind of political or religious affiliation, nor does it imply that I speak or understand any of the languages written in those scripts. Background of the domain name and logos: I derived my domain name by shortening parts of my own Dutch first and last name. This produces the combination dh, which could be interpreted as a sound like in English ‘that' (although my own language has no such sound). This I wrote with the letters used for them in Icelandic, Arabic and Greek. (I verified that no real Arabic word with that root exists.) In the Devanagari script (not supported by all Windows fonts, requires Arial Unicode MS), I rendered this as an aspirated d (this too does not occur in my own native Dutch language). ... - [detail] - [similar]
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