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Context and word boundaries
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Note 3: Context and word boundaries In these cases context extends over words boundaries: In " a que Deus deu " ("which God gave") both occurrences of phonemes /d/ are realised as the [D] allophone, because of the e and the s in the preceding word. Likewise, in "asas inĂșteis" (useless wings), both phonemes /s/ in the word "asas" sound as [z], because of the following vowel, regardless of whether that vowel is in the same word or in the next . An isolated "asas" has [S] for the second s, because a pause or other non-vowel follows. In these cases context does not extend over words boundaries: A written s at the beginning of a word will always sound as /s/, never as /z/, regardless of whether or not the preceding word ends in a vowel. Likewise, an initial r remains /R\/ and doesn't ever become /r/ under the influence of a preceding word. In these cases context does not extend over word boundaries: in "sem amor" the m of "sem" nasalises the vowel , and the vowel in the next word does not turn it into a phoneme /m/ . Likewise, a word final r does not behave like a word-initial pre-consonantal r just because the next word starts with a vowel: it remains what it is: a final r. Copyright © 2000-2007 by R. Harmsen Back to main document Alphabetic listing Phonemic listing Sample origins Links to glossaries Phoneme summary List of notes Colours: Neutral Weird No preference Reload screen ... - [detail] - [similar]
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