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cerca {n} search (act or action of searching) 
cercar {v} to seek, look for, search for
fasce {n} bundle; {also:} fagot; fasce (del projector) beam (of the searchlight); fasce molecular [Atomic Phys.] molecular beam
forragiar (-ajar) {v} to forage (to rove in search of forage or provisions) 
mirar {v} 1. to look at (searchingly); 2. to (take) aim at
perquirer [-quir-/-quisit-] {v} to seek, search, look for (diligently)
perquisition {n} search (as in "search warrant") 
perquisitor {n} searcher 
projector {n} projector; {also:} searchlight 
querer [quer-/quest-;-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} 1. to seek, search, look for; 2. to ask, query, question
recerca {n} search, investigation; {also:} research, research work 
recercar {v} to search, investigate; {also:} to research, make researches
recercator {n} searcher, investigator; {also:} researcher, research worker 
visita (vĂ­-) {n} visit; facer un visita a un persona to call on someone; visita domiciliari domiciliary visit; derecto de visita right of search or visit; visita pastoral pastoral visitation (of a bishop)