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[ia-en] IED :alique (ali·que) (ál-) {pron} something, anything; {adv} somewhat
[ia-en] IED :`ante que (io iva al theatro)' before (I went to the theater)
[ia-en] IED :`assecurar se que' to make sure that
[ia-en] IED :`ben que' although;
[ia-en] IED :`in caso que' in case (that)
[ia-en] IED :condition {n} condition (1. prerequisite; 2. mode, state of being); esser in condition de to be in a position to (do something); persona de condition person of rank, of quality; a condition que on condition that, provided that
[ia-en] IED :toto (ben) considerate all things considered; considerante que considering that
[ia-en] IED :[depois] (-póis) {adv} afterwards, later; depois que since (from the time that (depost)
[ia-en] IED :depost I. {adv} afterwards, later; depost que since (from the time that); II. {prep} after, since
[ia-en] IED :durante {prep} during; durante que while, whilst
[ia-en] IED :[esque] (es·que) (éske) {interr part} -; esque il habe le libro? has he the book?
[ia-en] IED :etate {n} age (1. lapse of time; 2. period in life); que etate habe vos? how old are you?; etate de auro golden age
[ia-en] IED :fin {n} end (1. termination; 2. aim, purpose); le fin justifica le medios the end justifies the means; a fin de in order to; al fin in the end, at last; in fin 1. in conclusion; 2. in short, to sum up; a fin que in order that
[ia-en] IED :hora {n} hour; que hora what time; un hora one o'clock; (duo) horas (two) o'clock; horas canonic canonical hours; libro de horas book of hours; de bon hora early
[ia-en] IED :importar {v} 1. to import; 2. to be important, to matter; non importa it doesn't matter, never mind; il importa que... it is essential that...
[ia-en] IED :[itaque] (ita·que) (í-) {conj} and so, therefore
[ia-en] IED :maniera {n} manner, way; de maniera que so that; manieras manners; bon manieras good manners; mal manieras bad manners
[ia-en] IED :mesura {n} measure (1. size, extent, dimension, etc.; also: measurement; 2. standard of measure; {also:} system of measure units, measurement; 3. [Mus; Pros]; 4. degree, proportion; 5. as in "drastic measure(s)"); bon mesura good or ample measure; medie mesura half measure; a mesura que (in proportion) as; prender le mesuras de to take measurements of; prender su mesuras to take steps or measures
[ia-en] IED :minus (mí-) {adv} less; minus belle (que) less beautiful (than); le minus belle the least beautiful; plus o minus more or less; minus de (dece annos) less than (ten years); a minus que unless; al minus at least; (le) minus (the) least (as in "what pleases me (the) least" );
[ia-en] IED :opinion {n} opinion; esser de opinion que to be of (the) opinion that; emitter un opinion to put forward, express, an opinion; haber bon (mal) opinion de un persona to have a good (bad) opinion, think well (ill), of someone; formar se un opinion super to form an opinion on
[ia-en] IED :perque (per·que) {adv/conj} 1. why (for what reason); 2. because
[ia-en] IED :plus 1. more; 2. plus; plus belle (que) more beautiful (than); plus grande (que) greater, bigger (than); plus de (vinti annos) more than, over, above (twenty years); le plus belle the most beautiful; le plus grande the greatest, biggest; (le) plus (the) most (as in "what pleased me (the) most"); de plus furthermore, besides; de plus in plus more and more; in plus furthermore, in addition, also; (tres) plus (quatro) (three) plus (four); al plus at (the) best; plus o minus more or less; non ... plus no more, not any more (1. nothing more; 2. no longer); plus (de) (moneta, etc.) more (money, etc.)
[ia-en] IED :[pois] 1. {adv} afterwards, thereafter; 2. {conj} for; pois que as, since, because
[ia-en] IED :[porque] (por·que) {conj/adv} 1. why (for what reason); 2. because (proque)
[ia-en] IED :post I. {adv} 1. behind, back, backwards; 2. afterwards, after; II. {prep} behind; after; post que since, because
[ia-en] IED :proque (pro·que) {adv/conj} 1. why (for what reason); 2. because
[ia-en] IED :quasi que as if
[ia-en] IED :que (1) (ke, kwe) 1. {interr pron/adj} what; 2. {rel pron} who, whom, which, that; what (that which)
[ia-en] IED :que (2) (ke, kwe) {conj} 1. that; 2. than
[ia-en] IED :[quecunque] (que·cunque) (kekúnkwe, kwekúnkwe) {rel pron} whatever
[ia-en] IED :qui (ki, kwi) {interr pron} who, whom; de qui whose; (con, a, etc) qui (with, to, etc) whom [qui] {adv} here (hic, ci)
[ia-en] IED :cuicunque (cui·cunque) (ki-, kwi-) {pron} whoever
[ia-en] IED :salvo {prep} save, but; {also:} save or but for; salvo que save or but that; salvo error e omission errors and omissions excepted
[ia-en] IED :saper {v} to know, have knowledge of; saper (facer un cosa) to know how (to do something); qui sape! who knows!; facer saper (un cosa a un persona) to let (someone) know (something), acquaint (someone with something); a saper to wit, namely
[ia-en] IED :secundo {n} second (in a duel, etc.) secundo {prep} 1. (following) after; 2. along, by; 3. according to; secundo que according as
[ia-en] IED :sorta {n} sort (kind, class); de sorta que so that
[ia-en] IED :tanto {adv} so, so much; tanto ... como as much ... as; in tanto que inasmuch as, in so far as; tanto plus ... que all the more ... that; quanto ... tanto the ... the
[ia-en] IED :tosto {adv} presently, soon, promptly; plus tosto rather (1. more truly or accurately; 2. sooner, preferably); si tosto que as soon as
[ia-en] IED :ubique (ubi·que) {adv} everywhere; anywhere, wheresoever, wherever
[ia-en] IED :ultra I. {adv} on the other side, beyond, farther; II. {prep} 1. on the farther side of; beyond, past; 2. besides; ultra ille besides, moreover; ultra que aside from the fact that
[ia-en] IED :vice {n} 1. turn (as in "my turn"); {also:} stead; 2. time (as in "three times"); alicun vices sometimes; un vice once (1. on a single occasion; 2. formerly, at one time); un vice que once, once that; in vice de instead of; a vices at times; altere vice a second time, once more, once again; plure vices several times; repeatedly
[ia-en] IED :vider [vid-/vis-/vist-] {v} to see; vidite que seeing that, considering that
[ia-en] IED :viste {prep} considering, in view of; viste que considering that