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abstiner [-tin-/-tent-] {v} -; `abstiner se de' to abstain from
acquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} to acquire
adherer [-her-/-hes-] {v} to adhere (1. to stick fast; 2. as in "to adhere to an opinion, party, etc.")
admoner {v} to admonish
adurer [-ur-/-ust-] {v} 1. to burn, scorch; 2. [Med.] to cauterize
anteponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to prepose, place before or in front
apparer {v} to appear (to come in sight)
appertiner {v} to appertain
apponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to appose (as in "to appose one's seal to")
asserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to assert, affirm
caler {v} to be warm or hot; to glow
carer {v} to lack, be lacking in
circumferer {v} 1. to go round, encompass; 2. to surround
coherer [-her-/-hes-] {v} to cohere, be coherent
coler [col-/cult-] {v} 1. to cultivate, till; 2. to abide, dwell; 3. to care for; 4. to honor, reverence, worship
comburer [-bur-/-bust-] {v} to burn up, consume
comparer {v} to appear (in court), compear
componer [-pon-/-posit-/-post-] {v} to compose (1. to compound, put together; 2. "to compose music"; 3. to settle, as in "to compose a dispute"); componer se de to consist, be composed, of; componer con (su creditores) to compound or compromise with (one's creditors)
condoler {v} to condole
conferer {v} I. to compare; II. to confer (1. to consult together; 2. to bestow)
congerer [-ger-/-gest-] {v} to congest (to cause an obstructive accumulation); {also:} [Med.]
conquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} to conquer (to gain dominion over)
continer [-tin-/-tent-] {v} 1. to contain (to hold, comprise); 2. to control, restrain; continer se to contain oneself
contraponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to set over against, oppose
decomponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to decompose (to cause to decompose); {also:} to rot (to cause to rot or decay)
deferer {v} to inform against; deferer a to defer to
deler [del-/delet-] {v} 1. to destroy; 2. to delete
deponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} I. to depose (1. to remove from a position of dignity; 2. to depone, testify); II. to deposit (1. to lay down; 2. to put in a place for safekeeping); deponer un summa super un cosa to bet a sum on something
deserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to desert, abandon
detener [-ten-/-tent-] {v} 1. to hold (to have, own); 2. to detain (to keep in custody, confine)
differer [-fer-/-lat-] {v} 1. to defer, delay; 2. to differ (be different)
digerer [-ger-/-gest-] {v} to digest (1. "to digest food"; 2. to absorb mentally; 3. [Chem.]); non poter digerer un cosa to be unable to stomach or swallow something
disparer {v} to disappear
disponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to dispose (1. to arrange; 2. to fit, prepare; 3. to determine the course of events); disponer de 1. to dispose of, have at one's disposal; 2. [Law] to dispone, alienate; homine propone e Deo dispone [Proverb] man proposes but God disposes
disserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to discuss, dissertate
doler {v} to hurt, be aching; (le capite me) dole (my head) aches; doler se de to be sorry for
equivaler (equi·valer) {v} to be equivalent (to), to be equal in value (to)
exponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} I. to expose (1. to show openly, display; 2. to lay open (to danger, etc.)); II. to expound
florer {v} 1. to flower, bloom; 2. to flourish
furer {v} 1. to be out of one's mind; 2. to be furious
gerer [ger-/gest-] {v} to manage, administer
immaner {v} to stay within, be immanent
imponer [-pon-/-posit-/-post-] {v} 1. to lay (up)on; also: [Eccl.] to impose; 2. to impose (to practice tricks or deception); imponer (un mulcta, contribution, etc.) to impose (a fine, tax, etc.); imponer le manos [Eccl.] to impose, lay on, hands
indisponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to indispose (1. to make unwell; 2. to make unwilling); indisponer un persona contra un persona to set someone against someone
inferer {v} [Logic] to infer
ingerer [-ger-/-gest-] {v} to introduce, insert; {also:} to ingest; ingerer se to interfere, meddle
inherer {v} to inhere, be inherent
inquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} to inquire, enquire (to make inquiries)
inserer [-ser-/-sert-] {v} to insert
interferer {v} [Phys.] to interfere
interponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to interpose
intertener {v} to entertain (to divert, amuse)
juxtaponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to juxtapose
mantener (man·tener) {v} to maintain (1. to keep in the same position or status; 2. to adhere to an opinion)
merer {v} to merit, deserve
moler {v} to grind (as in "to grind coffee")
moner {v} to admonish, advise
obtener [-ten-/-tent-] {v} to obtain (to get)
offerer [offer-/oblat-/offert-] {v} to offer (something); also: to bid; offerer se (a facer un cosa) to offer (to do something); un bon occasion se offere a good opportunity offers itself
oler {v} to smell (to emit a smell)
opponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to oppose (to set up against); opponer se a to oppose (to be against)
parer (1) {v} to appear (1. to come in sight; 2. to seem)
parer (2) [par-/part-] {v} to bear, give birth to
permaner {v} to endure, last, be permanent
perquirer [-quir-/-quisit-] {v} to seek, search, look for (diligently)
pertiner {v} -; pertiner a to belong to (to be the property of); {also:} to pertain to
poner [pon-/posit-/post-] {v} to put, place, lay, etc; poner se a (facer) to begin to (do), to start (doing); le sol se pone the sun sets; poner del sol sunset
postponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to postpone
predisponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to predispose (as in "debility predisposes the body to disease")
preferer {v} to prefer
premoner {v} to forewarn, admonish beforehand
preponer [-pon-/-posi-] {v} to prepose, place before or in front
presupponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to presuppose (1. to assume beforehand; 2. to require as necessary preliminary)
prevaler {v} to prevail, predominate
proponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to propose, suggest; proponer se un cosa to intend, plan something; proponer se de (facer un cosa) to propose, purpose to (do something)
querer [quer-/quest-;-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} 1. to seek, search, look for; 2. to ask, query, question
reapparer {v} to reappear
recomponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to recompense (to compose again, to recombine, to rearrange); recomponer un cabinetto to recompose, reshuffle, a cabinet
redoler {v} to smell (of), be redolent (of)
referer [-fer-/-lat-] {v} 1. to report, relate; 2. to refer (to attribute, ascribe); referer se a to refer to (1. to have recourse to for information, etc.; 2. to make an allusion or reference to; 3. to be related to, have reference to)
remaner {v} to remain (1. to stay; 2. to be left)
requirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] {v} to require (to demand as necessary)
retener [-ten-/-tent-] {v} I. to keep, hold (back), detain, withhold, hinder, etc.; II. to retain (1. to preserve; 2. to reserve; 3. to remember);
reverer {v} to revere
soler {v} to be wont do (do), have the custom of (doing)
suggerer [-ger-/-gest-] {v} to suggest (to prompt, put into one's mind); {also:} [Hypnot.]
superponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to superpose, superimpose
supponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to suppose
sustener [-ten-/-tent-] {v} to sustain (1. to prop up; 2. to back, give one's support to; 3. to keep, maintain; 4. to bear, endure); sustener se 1. to hold oneself up; 2. to continue, last (to continue to exist)
tener [ten-/tent-;-tin-/-tent-] {v} to hold (something); tener pro to deem; consider; tener a (un cosa) to value, care for (a thing)
transferer [-fer-/-lat-] {v} to transfer (1. to move, shift; 2. [Law] "to transfer property, etc.")
transparer {v} to show through
transponer [-pon-/-posit-] {v} to transpose (1. to transfer; 2. to interchange the position of; 3. [Mus.])
urer [ur-/ust-] {v} 1. to burn, burn up; 2. [Med.] to cauterize
valer {v} 1. to be worth (to be equal to, in value or in price); 2. to be courageous
voler {v} to wish, want; voler (facer un cosa) to want to (do something); voler (un cosa) to want (a thing); voler dicer to mean, signify